Massively: One Shots: Ghost riding

Massively writes:

"When it comes to Bartle types, I'm overwhelmingly an explorer. If there's some way to walk up cliffs, figure out mechanics and then launch myself off edges, I'll do it just to see what I can find between launch and landing. Today's One Shots comes from one such recent adventure with a guild-mate of mine. He's just recently built one of the Mechano-hogs in World of Warcraft and we decided to go for a spin in Dalaran. In the underground, there's one tube that just dumps out into a sheer drop, so we thought it would be fun to mount up and zoom out of it, as if shot from a cannon. The strange thing is that for some reason during the drop we both seem to have completely disappeared from his Mechano-hog, so all you see in today's One Shots is this cool World of Warcraft mount, careening recklessly towards the ground."

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