Burnout: The Ultimate Box on PC : just a scam?

Burnout: Paradise is now available for 1 year on PS3 and Xbox 360. During the past year, developers have released Criterion different packs free as the reputation of Burnout: Paradise. And as you know, the development... Get a ride on the link...

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outlawlife3639d ago

definitively not a scam but thats up to the buyers to decide

i'm picking it up for 360 myself

Said00113639d ago

Yes, but, I prefer take it on PS3, I win 35€ !

free2game3653638d ago

A lot of you guys do realize that the ultimate box thing is only coming out in the US on the PC, the 360/PS3 ones are only releasing in Europe.

Gothdom3639d ago

Burnout PC was released later than the console version. I remember all the Crash TV's about the "Upcoming PC version", so it's not "old enough". The PC version was released, what , 8 months after the console? I'd have to verify...

Let's see in 8 months if the PC version's price gets the cut.

P.S.: Burnout Paradise was a great product. One of the few games I'm still playing a year later and that was worth more than every penny.

y0haN3639d ago

I like Paradise but I prefer Midnight Club and Project Gotham Racing to be honest.

Superted20073639d ago

It was never suppose to be 50 euros for the Pc, It was always meant to be the same price as the ps3 and xbox version and retailers like Play and Amazon have it listed for 35 euros!

Speed-Racer3639d ago

Things will be rectified in time, just watch.

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