Killzone2: The comeback kid

THINK B3YOND writes,"It's going on four years now since we saw that beautiful trailer back at E3 2005. The trailer that had both amazing graphics and an endless amount of action. What more could you want from a shooter? It left everyone who watched it in complete awe and you could tell that this was going to be Sony's main game this generation."

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Huh3545d ago

they laughed at killzone 2 well guess whos laughing now ill give you a hint the person or people that are laughing have a hidef console and were not suckered into buying a faulty console that is a pretty big hint

Timberland2K93545d ago

Now whos shootin bullets take that Haterz.

games4fun3545d ago

a ps3 fan, but this is grade a textbook trolling that belongs in the open zone i'm sorry but i'm going to have to report all three of your posts

although killzone 2 deserves credit for silencing haters which is hard especially in today's media.

3545d ago
KillzoneKid3545d ago

and we will be playing the BEST FPS EVER

just 27 days

Maddens Raiders3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago ) The *Park*, The Beach, Delta Creek, Southern Hills, Vekta Slums, Orbital Station, and The Core. Those who fought will always remember the battlegrounds of Vekta.

You can all Believe now.....

N4360G3545d ago

I agree.Guerilla Games surprised alot of people with Killzone 2.I am so glad I own a PS3 and will be enjoying the beast known as Killzone 2 later this month!!

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Huh3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

hahaha killzone 2 is AAA according to ign and eurogamer hahaha the people without ps3s said it would suck hahaha they said all it has are graphics hahaha (this is another hint about whos laughing now)

Gue13545d ago

I loved that hard-core band!!!

Gue13545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

People in N4G hates me or don't understand the hardcore music? No matter what I write I always get like 5-6 disagrees. I even losed a bubble. ;_;

This band is one of the greatest of the genre! These aren't those pussies from MTV. This is real hard-core. Well at least in their older Cd's because with the new one's they became too pop. "Turn Around" is one of my favorites CD's from them.

Helghast Slayer3545d ago

All the 360owners and biased journos excuses have been silenced. The game has proven the masses wrong and now the only thing they hold onto is sales. Preorders have hit 1mil on and still counting elsewhere.

When killzone2 sells reasonably well i expect the masses to just keep quite and never open their mouth about the ps3 ever again. All expectations have been exceeded by GG and Sony.

Huh3545d ago

dont forget to charge your controllers because i dont want to hear any excuses when i pwn you in killzone 2 multiplayer i dont want you to say oh my controller ran out of power oh my chipmunk jumped on my analog stick oh an xbox exploded next door it distracted me etc et

WhoaMan3545d ago

ahahaha that's hilarious
"an xbox exploded next door"

TheColbertinator3545d ago

lol Queefyb

I think the Open Zone is the location to do that

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