New UFC 2009 Undisputed Gameplay Video

A new gameplay video of UFC 2009 Undisputed. This video features GSP and BJ Penn.

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outlawlife3544d ago

this game looks to be like it could be fantastic

i really hope the gameplay lives up

Surviver3544d ago

Ugh If they do this game right,
controls and smooth framrate and graphics.

It could potentially be the best thing ever.

but if they do it wrong it will suck ass.

Fingers crossed!

badkolo3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

im hoping all the time they had that it plays well, cause it looks hot andseems fluid enough, if they polish it just right then it can be a real winner.

what scares me is that tna impact got delayed and looked incredible yet the game wasnt that great, and ifc has been delayed a few times, but i hope its for the better and not delayed becuase it was sucking ass

outlawlife3544d ago

tna impact was doomed from the get go

they never showed anything but beefed up bullshots until a few weeks before the game arrived, and when it did arrive the graphics didnt match the early screens and the gameplay was horrid

this however shows full on gameplay and a very fluid game as well

zoedynasty3544d ago

remember guys, dana white is supervising this game. have you not seen Dana's UFC 93 blog? He and Michael Bisping did a live demo of the game. It looks like a VERY strong title when it comes out. check out the UFC 93 blog

or if you dont trust the link, just look up UFC 93 blog and it should have the picture still of dana and a cage.
The mechanics and production value they put in this game could possibly take MMA to the next level. New York is stupid for not promoting this sport. One day they will find out they are missing out.

oh if you want good updates on this game go to the IGN boards for this game:

they always post the newest updates faster than any other site (other than Plus this video is old news. You can download an HD version (720p). Thanks for posting though!