TheBBPS: Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes Review


"I can only hope that Marvel VS Capcom 3 comes to all platforms, and is ten times crazier than this game. I want a huge roster, endless combo chains, and strobe light effects on every single move. But for now, TVC has the complete fighting game package. Fast paced, wonderfully replayable and multiplayer action. Easy to jump in and out of. Silly little mini-games that kill some time. The adorable cuteness and confusion that make up almost every product out of Japan. Just wait until you beat the Arcade mode, who's final boss is a nice little cameo, and see an ending cut scene. Morrigan playing Wii with Japanese business men? Yeah, something like that. And it's fun to play with your friends and just yell GATCHAMAN! a lot. If like the Capcom VS. series, live in Japan, or just feel like importing, go play TVC now."

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