Xbox 360 HDMI Sound Issue Remains Unexplained, Unaddressed

Giz would love to tell you that the New Xbox Experience HDMI-related sound issue from November has been addressed, but that'd be a lie. More than two months and 23 pages of complaints later, it persists.

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Huh3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

who makes the xbox 360 if its by sony then dont worry the issue will be fixed with the next firmware update if its by microsoft then you should contact your lawyer imediately because they only fix things when they have a pending lawsuit

FarEastOrient3573d ago

They should open the Xbox 360 and look at the HDMI port and look at the model it is. HDMI ports, especially the earlier models didn't have a cross-board standard as the HDMI 1.3+ they have today which also comes in mode A,B,C (C is the now standard). At the same time you have a difference between the voltage / amperage consumption of the earlier ports that have a tendency to not match pins #18 and #19.

This is only important to note if you are trying to use the latest tech on older models like 3D streaming from source to monitor for example.

I Hope that helps out a little bit.

NipGrip3573d ago

You mean they simply extend the warranty.

creeping judas3573d ago

thank you for your constructive input. unlike HUH's drivel.

Godmars2903573d ago

For an HDMI issue?

Isn't the current 3 year deal only for RRoD? That disc eating problems aren't covered or separate?

NipGrip3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

The 3 year warranty is for RRoD only, the disk scratching issue has never been fixed other than to say "Don't touch the console when it's on. Matter of fact, don't look at it either or even breathe while in the same room." Nothing gets "fixed", it only gets band-aided or flat out not fixed.

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meepmoopmeep3573d ago

maybe it's the connection.
it might be a little loose or something.

i don't have that problem with mine.

NaiNaiNai3573d ago

i know, there seem to be only some people who have the issues, >.> odd since the 360 is made on a line, then they should be the same, funny how the HDMI port seems to be messing up in such odd ways.

heroicjanitor3573d ago

That's stupid, that's like saying that since they are made on a line they either all have defects or they all don't. Not every 360 breaks.

Godmars2903573d ago

Its because MS slapped it on after the fact? After they released the 360 and said that HDMI wasn't needed?

Isn't it a earlier type of HDMI? Non-current to what was available at the time?

badz1493573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

doesn't mean that all produced products will be at the same quality! that's what yield ratio are for! if all of them are the same, all 360s should have already having RRoD by now - multiple times that is!

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ASSASSYN 36o3573d ago

I have every LCD in my house connected to HDMI and including my 360. I have never heard of this problem until now and have not personally experienced it nor from friends. It may be a configuration problem with some peoples HDTV's. Most people fail to configure them properly.

Johnny Rotten3573d ago

I'm on my 4th Xbox and I still don't have an HDMI port :(

outlawlife3573d ago

it really is an odd issue, why it affects some and not others

im sure somebody out there is scratching their head on a daily basis trying to figure out why this happens

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The story is too old to be commented.