Why Windows Must Go Open Source

To maintain its developer ecosystem and protect its apps business, Microsoft has no choice but to loosen its grip on the Windows source code and drive down costs.

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Huh3572d ago

no it wont that is why google will beat microsoft when they release there operating sys

Foxgod3572d ago

Right, google will come out of nowhere and release an awesome OS what the market leader has been taking 30 years to pull off.

The google OS will be like the Google browser, fun to try, will be no good for a long time to come.

Besides, more OS's will only cause more fragmentation in the pc gaming market.

One of them has to be the best, or there will be no pc market at all.

Kushan3572d ago

Building an Operating System that can compete with the likes of Windows is an astronomically monumental task. When it comes down to it, today there's only about 4 different core Operating Systems out there. Google, despite all it's grandeur, couldn't produce their own Operating System, the best they could do is produce their own variant of Linux and it would inevitably be "just another Linux distro".
Google would be far better off contributing to a project like Ubuntu to make it more user friendly and then maybe make their own branch of it that comes with Google apps installed by default.

The biggest hurdle with getting people off of Windows is compatibility. Vista is proof that it's difficult to get people to upgrade even between versions of Windows for fear of compatibility issues, a completely separate OS would be even worse so until projects like WINE and RactOS get to an extremely mature level, chances are we wont see a mass migration any time soon (I'm aware that WINE is pretty good these days, but it's not perfect by a long shot).

This article is extremely flawed, Microsoft has no need to open source Windows any more than Google needs to Open Source their search - they own most of the market and as long as other systems have trouble running Windows software, it'll stay like that.

BulletToothtony3572d ago

is that A LOT of people already use google for A LOT of things.. so they are familiar with the system.

Even thou it would be almost impossible for it to gain over 50% of the OS market it's the only real candidate of making it, because neither yahoo nor other company has a chance..

And unless apple releases an OS that would work on any pc (extremely unlikely) there is some open space there for the taking.. which i think google could fill in.. specially releasing a kick ass OS for around $49.

But what do we know.. we're nothing but humble consumers..

Elven63572d ago

If Linux couldn't do it what makes you think Google will? The fact is Microsoft is giving companies what they want, Vista was a blunder but a OS I still like, because of Vista their is all this bad heat around the Windows brand which Windows 7 can easily turn around.

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Huh3572d ago

god doesnt care about microsoft so hes going to disagree wih you

Foxgod3572d ago

If God didnt care about Microsoft, then Apple would be market leader right now.

hfaze3572d ago

"If God didnt care about Microsoft, then Apple would be market leader right now."


Besides, if you take a look into the "playbook" that Microsoft bases their business practices on, it appears more written by Satan than God... ;-)

Last I checked, God is pretty generous (open-source), where Satan/Lucifer is all about greed (closed-source)... :-)

Elven63572d ago

Yea all that charity work Microsoft is involved in and what was essentially the Apple bailout in the 90s...your right, Satan indeed.

Also, how does Microsoft rank in equality tests? One of the very few companies to achieve #1 last year was it? Where do the competing "open source" companies stand?

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Huh3572d ago

gdrive is going o be revolutionary it will be part of googles os

FantasyStar3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Cloud Computing will fail. GDrive will fail just as much because the thousands of people do not want to trust a big corporation with their confidential data. Cloud Computing is wishful thinking only to those who vy for a cheap computer solution <$100.

socomnick3572d ago

not to mention how painfully slow it will be most peoples upload speed is slow. I can imagine it now spending 1-2 hours copying a simple 500 mb file to the online hard drive.

FantasyStar3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

There's a reason Microsoft holds around 90% OS Marketshare for the past 20 years, despite competition from Apple and free Linux Distros, despite the viruses and insecurities, despite Vista, despite competition from Firefox, and Chrome. Naysayers underestimate Microsoft's history and influence. Open-Source is not coming anytime soon.

Gue13572d ago

can you spell M-O-N-O-P-O-L-Y?

Look at the current console war. Who has the cheapest console? Because that's the start of a monopoly. Cheap strategies like MS did with the 360 launching it a year before the other 2 just to have a year head-start without competition even knowing the reliability problems of their console. They didn't care about the consumer.

Look at Vista. Most of the hardware companies(Dell, HP, Gateway, etc.) are with MS and because of that they could force Vista in all their models of comps to then in less than 2 years switch to a new OS (Windows 7) like nothing ever happened because those Hardware companies have strong binds with MS.

MS has so many hardware companies in the palm of their hand that it will be pretty difficult for another OS to take on Windows. Linux tried to take a little bit of share with help of Dell but... You probabbly know the story.

Rhoic3572d ago

Do you even know what the definition of monopoly is? Because that entire paragraph was completely irrelevant. Monopoly is a term that states there is only 1 maker and many buyers. Obviously from the very first comment, there's more than that.

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