Final Fantasy Versus XIII Slowing Kingdom Hearts 3 Development

What a long title . Anyway, you heard it right, appearently Nomura working on two major titles is a tiny bit of an overload (it's not like there are high expectations for those two games ), so basically Nomura will be putting his focus into Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and since neither of the 13s are supposed to hit us until 2008 that might mean Kingdom Hearts 3 could be pushing the realm of 2009 :0.

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Bebedora4253d ago

...pfffftth! FF FTW Way more importante

jpod4253d ago

i don't care when KH comes out, i've been waiting for this FF for a while now. and i want the 3d remake of KH Chains of Memories from Final MIX first before KH3.

timmyp534253d ago

im not into the guy running around fighting with a key. Final Fantasy ,baby!

Merovee4253d ago

But after the second one, I'm glad they will be taking time with it. It means I get FF faster and they take more time to flesh out KH. Pretty much seems like a win/win situation to me.

chitown4253d ago

i'm personally waiting for kh3 more

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