That Gaming Site: Halo Wars Preview

That Gaming Site writes: "When your goal is to turn a system selling franchise that prides itself on being one of the innovators of the first person shooter into a real time strategy title that infamously has a low success rate on home consoles, you're setting yourself one hell of a task and it is one Ensemble Studios appear to be more than equipped to handle.

After all anyone who might be cautious of such a genre transition should be aware of Ensemble Studios back catalogue. Comprised almost entirely of the entire Age of Empire series, another franchise that some would say was an innovator to the RTS genre. Still, when asked to name a few RTS games developed for the home console that wouldn't benefit from mouse and keyboard, we struggle to rattle off a generous list. But that may change, from what we've played, we're more than pleased with how Halo Wars has turned out"

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GWAVE3573d ago

So the controls turned out. That's awesome. Congrats to Ensemble (r.i.p) for making a viable RTS on consoles. I hope console gamers will warm to the RTS genre like many PC gamers already have, because it's a fun and rewarding genre.

Elven63573d ago

Yea my only fear was the controls but apparently they actually work, hopefully this will shut up the "naysayers", kinda reminds me of the Killzone 2 conflict! :p

pangitkqb3573d ago

I am a huge RTS fan and have been hoping for a good console appearance for way too long. A tip of the hat to Ensemble for taking on a difficult challenge and coming away on top of their game.

mintaro3573d ago

I've been looking for a good Arr-tee-ess game for a while now, and this looks to be some good time fun.

Elven63573d ago

I agree, especially after hearing of their closure it really seems like they still took the game seriously when people were saying quality would take a down turn.

pangitkqb3573d ago

I am glad to see the Halo Franchise trying new creative directions with both Halo Wars and the upcoming Expansion Halo ODST.