Playing With Others: The lost art of game trading

Destructoid writes:

"When I was a young videogamer, working hard mowing lawns or shoveling cow crap at the neighbors farm was my only way of making money before I could drive. This did not afford my life with many videogames. In fact, this is why I only could only afford games for one system. I had to maximize the value of my money, and buying multiple platforms was just not in my best interests. Growing up in the middle of nowhere with no good place to rent games also limited my ability to play different titles. These facts forced me into the world of game trading.

I had just moved to a new school and went from being a pretty douchey jock, to a huge dork. I don't remember how that transformation happened exactly, but I think it involved a divorce, some super snotty kids, and the fact that I played videogames. Needless to say, as an outcast I did not have many friends. This made sharing of games a bit hard, but I was determined to play as much as I could, so I persevered. Luckily my system of choice at the time was the ever popular NES. Because of this, it was not to difficult to find kids that had it."

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