New Grand Theft Auto Title Coming to iPhone/PSP?

On a recent 1UP Yours podcast it was revealed that a new Grand Theft Auto is coming.

"There's another Grand Theft coming but it's not on the system you think it is. There's another GTA that they haven't announced yet, that's not on a console. They haven't announced it... but... It's a handheld. There's a handheld GTA coming"

I guess we are going to see a new GTA title for the iPhone in 2009.

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jjesso19933573d ago

what spec is the iphone if this happend would it just be as worse looking as china wars?

Blaze9293573d ago

They got Chinawars on the DS. And two PSP GTAs already and as much as I'd want a new GTA to hit the PSP and even be San Andreas Stories, people pretty much "expect" it to hit the PSP. No one is really expecting a iPhone game which it most likely could be.

But i still hope a new PSP GTA comes and hopefully San Andreas Stories.

Elven63573d ago

iPhone is more likely because someone already made a homebrew tech demo showcasing the game can work. I guess the PSP as well because the GTA games always do well on it.

gaffyh3573d ago

Technically they could just port Chinatown Wars to the iPhone (cos the interface is pretty much the same).

whoelse3573d ago

Oh please let it happen! I would love to see an iPhone one but a PSP one would also be a day 1 buy.

clinker3572d ago

I have some information from an inside source that claims the game could also be for Nokia Ngage:

Crazy, I know.

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Cajun Chicken3573d ago

Hopefully PSP. Let Rockstar show the way how to make PSP sandbox games once again and it IS possible, but since recent developments, I'm not ruling out the iPhone.

Obama3573d ago

I lost all interest in gta series now and I am not sure whether I will buy gta5 when it comes out in the next few years. Somehow gta4 really disappointed me.

Half-Mafia3573d ago

there is already a pretty cool GTA clone on the iPhone its called PayBack.

Ziggi3573d ago

VCS were great titles for the PSP, would be great if they released san andreas stories, if its because the map is too big for the UMD, they better make it for the PSP2!

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