Four Budget Games Actually Worth Playing

NoBSGamers writes: "The cost of a new game can be completely outrageous. Special editions can run upwards of 89 dollars while an average game can be 59 depending on your system. For most of us that is just too much to spend on a new game. That doesn't mean that we want to stop playing because of the costs. To make the best of an expensive hobby into a more budget friendly games that will keep you to be satisfied without sapping your wallet."

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George Sears3572d ago

I think that for 20 bucks you can get the whole DMC collection (includes the Special Edition DMC3 as well)

ThanatosDMC3572d ago

They should play the first DMC3 version rather than the Special Edition first cuz they'll treasure the hard difficulty when starting a new game. But unless they're not a fan of the series then nvm...

There's a ton of PS2 games in gamestop that sells for $4-$9 that are really good.

panasonic233572d ago

crackdown $20
mass effect $20
dead rising $20
halo 3 $20
bioshock #20

now this is a awesome list

TIKUP3572d ago

take halo 3 out of that list and then we are talking......

AriesFury3572d ago

I have three out of four. I'm not really into Death Jr.

panasonic233572d ago

take halo 3 out of the list o i love [email protected] they just hate halo3.

Lon3wolf3572d ago

I so far have prefered my 360 over the PS3(in terms of games I like to play, a self confessed JRPG fanboy) yet the Halo series leaves me cold, what category do I come under?

For me off of your list only Bioshock and Mass Effect.

burbulla3572d ago

How about Killzone 2 for $52, now that's value for money.

NegativeCreep4273572d ago

I've never played DMC2 because that got totally bashed by nearly EVERYONE. DMC4 on PS3 was alright, but the repetitive boss fights and back-tracking kind of took away from the game.

But none of the DMC sequels could recapture that magic and intense atmosphere that the Original Devil May Cry possessed.

To save money I would only recommend the original DMC and DMC 3 to curious, frugal gamers.