Preview of Singstar by 1up

The PlayStation 3 version of SingStar is a major step forward for the franchise. The PS2 versions are basically updates with new songs, but the PS3 version brings a lot of new features to the table.

Besides a completely new look, the biggest feature of the SingStar experience on PlayStation 3 is the game's internet capability. No, you can't playback your downloaded mp3s. Rather, the entire back catalogue of SingStar songs, which is over 350 songs deep, will be available from the SingStar Store for a small fee. The SingStar Store is tied to the PlayStation Store, offering the same method of payment but coming with its own interface. The game will come packed with new songs on a Blu-ray disc with artists like U2 and uh, Britney. After SingStar's launch in June, singles will be downloadable from the SingStar Store around the same time they are available in stores, with new songs promised on a weekly basis.

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timmyp534278d ago

Im just not into publicly embarrassing myself.

techie4277d ago

I hear that the new interface may look like this, and the internet for all games may have this seemless integration for European launch...just a rumour though. Phil Harrison did hint at it...