MeriStation: FUEL Preview

Asobo Studio is the developer that gave people game adaptations of Wall-E, Ratatouille and Garfield Codemasters will publish their latest work, a title that promises to play in the same league as MotorStorm and Pure.

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DA_SHREDDER3544d ago

The fact this game is gonna be an open world makes me really skeptical about this game. But before I get into that. I gotta mention a previous statement from one of the devs of fuel. He said that you cant go 10 feet from the track in Motorstorm 2. Thats complete bullcrap. I think he needs to really be specific when comparing Fuel to games like MS PR because he really does look like an idiot when making statements like that.

Ok, now that I said that, I must also say that just because this game is gonna be an open world that its gonna be better then motorstorm 2. First off, Motorstorm 2 looks alot better then the bullshots they have been releasing for the game. Secondly, the tracks in Motorstorm 2 with its different way points and better routes for different vehicles is one of the great things about the game. Seriously,, how can you take an off road game and not have a track? Whoever drives the shortest line wins? Thats dumb. Track design is everything, not having any track makes it not a racer. I would rather play a game that is fair for everyone.

NaiNaiNai3544d ago

one word. BAJA.
i guess thats not a race huh. as for motorstorm, if i recall in motorstorm 1, you couldn't really even leave the track with all the little barriers and walls on the outside of the track.
as for this game being open world, thats whats going to make this game stand out, open world racing must suck since midnight club did it. and quite a few other games, so you make your self look like a idiot more then this guy does because you didn't check any of your facts at all.

no for my opnion of this game. *when did graphics start to matter there are alot of current games that don't look amazing that people love.* i think this game is either going to be amazing or not good at all. im leaning to amazing, i want to see what the weather affects are like in the game. and how they set up the routes in the open world.