Play Online: Afro Samurai Review

SURGE has done the implausible and created a benchmark action and adventure-soaked video game that plays like an R-rated movie with smoking, nudity, extreme violence, and a truly memorable cinematic score. The only difference? You get to play while you watch. No number or letter can define how special a game Afro is.

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Rhezin3544d ago

finally an awesome review for an awesome game. Afro Kick's a$$!!! Seriously people rent it, its got about as much moves or a little less than a ninja Gaiden game.

Oztheboss3544d ago

Doesn't this game average at like 62/100 over on MetaCritic?


tuneraider3544d ago

They don't even keep their old review scores online, because of how laughable they are in retrospect. Thanks to IGN's 6.6, I KNOW this game is a rental (despite being a huge Afro fan).