Gamestyle Review: Call of Duty: World At War

Gamestyle writes: "When it was confirmed that the development duties for Activisions now annual Call of Duty franchise had been handed back to the much maligned Treyarch, Gamestyle could almost hear the collective groan from fans of Call of Duty 4.

When rumours that the game would return to the roots of the series and be set during World War 2 were proved correct, that groan did become audible. Almost. With the Infinity Ward developed Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare proving to be by far and away the most successful title in the series, and arguably the finest FPS of the current generation, these decisions seem baffling. But, with Treyarch lifting both the single and multiplayer game engines from Modern Warfare and transplanting them into World at War, perhaps World at War can surpass the dizzy heights reached by its predecessor."

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