Gamer's Info Review: Kung Fu Panda

GI writes: "You don't hear "bodacious" used a lot in most movies. You'll hear it a lot in Kung Fu Panda. Po (the panda) likes his bodacity (as well as his awesomeness). The last time I think I heard "bodacious" prior to this was in An Officer and a Gentleman - and definitely not the same context, but I digress ...

I was caught surprised when my daughter fell in love with Kung Fu Panda. I suppose I should have seen it coming, what with her current "woodland animals" obsession and all, but I was still surprised. These days we hear her thumping around upstairs, trying to master the spinning jump kick. She also tells me she wants to take kung fu, and I am so not ready to teach her any combat skills when she already has more than enough combativeness as an amateur. (Yes, I know that martial arts don't make children more aggressive - I'm just making a point.) All in all, I was quite pleased that she's using Kung Fu Panda on the Wii to exercise her combat needs."

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