Videogame characters that are probably delicious

Destructoid writes:

"On the last episode of Podtoid, we were asked a very thought provoking question. It was put to us that our mother had been kidnapped by a terrorist, and the only way to defeat the terrorist was to eat it with our hands and teeth. We then had to choose which videogame character that terrorist would be.

This got me thinking about eating videogame characters, and which ones would be the most delicious. As a master gourmet and also a bit of a fatty, I am in the best position to discuss the gastronomic appeal of videogame's famous faces. Not that I'd eat the face. Unless it was Kirby's face.

I've avoided obvious food based characters like Dizzy the Egg and the burgers from Burger Time, aiming instead to broaden the culinary horizon and root out less obviously edible folk. Remember, these are characters that are probably delicious, not ones we already know would taste fantastic."

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