Will 'Madden NFL' Predict The Super Bowl Victor Yet Again?

Electronic Arts has been using "Madden NFL" to predict the Super Bowl winner since 2004 and only last year, when the New York Giants pulled off an upset against the New England Patriots, was the long-running series wrong.

"Madden NFL 2009? predicts the Pittsburgh Steelers will beat the Arizona Cardinals 28-24 at Super Bowl XLIII on Sunday.

Countless commentators and arm-chair quarterbacks love to speculate about how the Super Bowl will unfold, but one of the most reliable predictions in the past few years didn't come from a human, but from the "Madden NFL" series.

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Trollimite3573d ago

madden is a football game and they realy dont account for the "any given sunday rule" football isnt a game of stats its a game of heart. that rule states that the 09 lion could beat the giants under the right surcumstance.

arizona is an 83
and the steelers are a 92

im sure thats how they got there winner.

i expect the opposite

koston36473573d ago

Fitzgerald for MVP!!!!!!!!

outlawlife3573d ago

i think all of these madden simulations are a bit dumb, honestly a game cannot simulate human interactions