WorthPlaying Review: The Maw

WP writes: "Much like the parade of creatures feasted upon by the eponymous hero of this game, The Maw managed to sneak up on me from out of nowhere and won me over with its charm and simplistic but entertaining gameplay. With presentation and style to match most full-priced retail Xbox 360 games, the title really stands out on the Xbox Live Arcade catalog, but is it simply style over substance?

This brightly colored platformer tells the story of Frank and The Maw. Frank is a generic blue human-like alien imprisoned against his will by some equally generic alien overlords, and The Maw is a gelatinous purple blob with one bulbous eye sitting precariously on top. When the prison ship crashes on a planet, Frank gets to lead around The Maw on his hunt to escape. At first, a gelatinous purple blob is about as useful as you'd expect a gelatinous purple blob to be - which is to say, not very … until The Maw eats his first cute and cuddly alien."

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