SecuROM Sends Out NoCD Patch and Leaks Details of Upcoming 1.03 Patch?

A member in another forum called lolel had an interesting post, it said this,

"I had an issue with Securom launching the game using my retail CD. It was not recognized as a genuine disk. So I sent them an an email and they responded back in less than 12 hours. They sent a link to a new LaunchGTAIV.exe file that happens to be a no CD launcher. Below is what they wrote with a link to the new .exe file:"

So what do you think happened? Well the unthinkable happened SecuROM sent him a working no cd exe. Here is their email back to him...

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TaylorFlatt3546d ago

wow...that is hilarious lol

IllusionRSN3546d ago

Well I was very careful when I wrote this article to not link to any actual files, because they do exist, and I'm not totally sure why Sony did this. I'm sure if they found negligence they will definitely fire they guy who released it.

TaylorFlatt3546d ago

I'm sure they intended it for some weird marketing scheme. It baffles me as to why someone would do this. It makes no logical sense unless the guy was just an idiot, but then again, wouldn't they have known this and not hired him? He should be fired, what he did was not good although funny and good for resourceful gamers.