Playr Release New Killzone 2 Walkthrough Video (Spoilers)

Playr have released a walkthrough of a Killzone 2 BattleCruiser level.

This developer walkthrough didn't appear in the recent Playr Killzone 2 Special.

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Helghast Slayer3574d ago

OMG!!! That has got to be the most F#CKING EPIC gameplay i have ever seen (with the bike chase in MGS4 just narrowing into second place hehe). The music just drags you in even deeper giving you that extraterrestrial/adventure theme.

This game is practically cgi i swear. GG are my favourite devs so far this gen. And to think that they said killzone3 will surpass this much polish is beyond amazing. Look ps3 and 360 gamers need to support the talented devs in this industry. Games like these are what we thrive on and we should just enjoy them instead of bickering.

I'm gonna go that far and say my fanboys days are over. Just enjoy the games and support the talented devs that are left in this media FUD slinging industry we so believe in. Happy gaming folks.

KillzoneKid3574d ago

poor MS = Killzowned

what happened to Halo wars ???

I guess no one even knows about it

HighDefinition3574d ago

I wasn`t gonna watch it, but I did......and I`m glad I did.

KillzoneKid3574d ago

that if watch the spoilers then you feel more like playing the game

No wonder this is the best fps of this gen

interrergator3573d ago

even though i watch these atleast idk wats going on

TheMART3574d ago

Is looking good for real. Tomorrow the other reviews will come in I'm a big fan of video reviews so Gametrailers release it fast only seen two good videoreviews from IGN and, I want more!

Helghast Slayer3574d ago

Hmm eighter you're buying a ps3 along with KZ2 or your taking the piss. Which one is it?

KillzoneKid3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Meristation gave it 9.5
Eurogamer portugal gave it 10/10
OPM US and AU gave it 10/10

Gamepro gave it 10/10

GT is owned by Microsoft. no one is looking forward to GT review

He is Fart at Xfartkings

He owns a lame website called Xboxkings

He is the biggest and the shameless BOT in our N4G

BLuKhaos3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Wow and I thought I was a PS3 fanboy,there was nothing negative about your comment and you still get bashed.LOL @ this website,I bet it was mostly the PS3 fanb!tches that jewed my bubbles away.

resistance1003574d ago

How was this approved?

The image is 2 small and there is no spoiler warning

IzKyD13313574d ago

The video didn't have any spoilers in it, it's just a turret sequence....but yes to the small image

Ju3573d ago

What to small image? Click on the link and choose the HD version - and make it fullscreen.

Spike473574d ago

I don't like spoilers,lol.

wwedx3574d ago

i was just gonna ask if its spoiler free but i guess its not

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The story is too old to be commented.