Rumor: Character model from Kid Icarus leaked

The latest rumor surrounding Kid Icarus is that the character model from the game has been leaked.

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Hiruma Youchi3572d ago

This sum bull . I hope this aint the real model . they better keep the one from Braw , Smell me?

MisterNiwa3572d ago

Never saw such a Render from Nintendo, this is bullsh!t.

Marceles3572d ago

I agree too, I dont want to play Kid Emo-rus

gaffyh3572d ago

Fake imo, Kid Icarus has probably been modelled by 3D artists hundreds and hundreds of times, this is probably one made by a Kid Icarus fan.

kunit22c3572d ago

Hey the bad looking character aside. Isnt anyone liking how good the detail on this guy is? and who says this is pit? they just said a character from kid icarus. But yeah this is looking good, not the look itself but the detail and graphics, im liking it, Although i dont like the look its fine, i wouldnt mind much seeing it in the final product as long as its not pit.

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qface643572d ago

i get no kind of pit feeling looking at this guy doesn't look or feel like pit whatsoever

fishermanofwar3572d ago

Didn't he get PWNED by Kratos in God Of War 2.. got his wings ripped off...LMAO

Its a joke people

AWBrawler3572d ago

Many people unaware of pits history, mistake him for Icarus of Greek mythology because his game was titled Kid Icarus in the US. In Japan it was titled The Mirror of Palutena. Pit is loosely based off of Cupid's appearance in his first game and Gameboy sequel. Pit is not Icarus, he is the leader of Palutena's army, making him more closely related to Michael the War Angel of Christian Faith (Gunpei Yokoi his creator was christian) than Icarus. So Pits only ties with Icarus is the fact that he couldn't fly at first, cause he was a child Angel, (now a teen), and the Title of his game.

This has been Angel Winged Brawler with just for the record.

Product3572d ago

Anything that says "Rumor" i usually dont believe around here.

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