Digital Spy Feature: Top Ten Games Unreleased in the UK

Digital Spy writes: "While worldwide release dates and simultaneous translations are commonplace in development today, it wasn't that long ago that Europe was placed at the bottom of the pile for game releases. Many classic or innovative games were cruelly ignored for our humble region - citing the continental language barrier and genre tastes - and those that made it often suffered from slow 50Hz ports and obtrusive black borders.

To commemorate the long-awaited European release of perhaps the greatest Japanese Role-Playing game of all time - a Nintendo DS port of Chrono Trigger - Digital Spy gives you a taste of what never reached these shores. Excluding later ports and re-releases (sorry, Final Fantasy) and Virtual Console releases (you too, Super Mario RPG), we look at the weird and the wonderful games you'll probably never see here. On the bright side, we did get Doshin The Giant for the GameCube - more than a fair trade for missing all these, right? Right?"

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