Killzone 2 coming to Japan, with not one, but two demos

QJnet: "April 23 is the said release date for Japan, and will carry a tag price of ¥ 6980 (about US$ 78), a bit higher compared to the US$ 56 retail price we have here. Then again, they are getting a demo, two of them in fact. Yeah, just when we thought we're finally getting something ahead of Japan, they still edge us out by getting something we don't."

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Ghyst3549d ago

Isn't killzone 2 coming out here wayyy before japan? it's not really that surprising they'd get an online demo, if we're playing months before them, lol. this isnt news...

CrippleH3549d ago

A lot of them probably don't even know how to play fps.
Probably to busy with their Wii fits/sports/ds nintendogs.

This game and any other fps won't do well in Japan. No Western game will do well in Japan.

MisterNiwa3549d ago

The game gets released first in middle europe on the 25th of February.

Middle Europe KILLZOWNED the rest of the world. :D

AAACE53549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

The japanese really don't like FPS games, so the logical thing to do in my opinion would be to offer the game to them for a lower price!

But then again... KZ 2 looks so good that they might change their ways and start getting into FPS games.

It will be interesting to see how this works out!

@Nix... I live in the US, getting games before most other countries is one of the last luxuries we!

IzKyD13313549d ago

"No Western game will do well in Japan."

GTA IV on the PS3 sold over 120K units in his first week, thats more than the opening weeks for the 360 JRPGs like Infinite Undiscovery and Last Remnant and Blue Dragon.

KillzoneKid3549d ago

I see KZ2 selling 100k atleast in Japan

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TheMART3549d ago

Well in Europe (and even in The Netherlands, Guerilla's own country) the retail prices, or even online go up to 65 to 75 Euro's, go calculate that in Dollars.

We get facked even more then the Japanese.

I hope al Dutchies go import it at or to force those retail prices down.

KillzoneKid3549d ago

He owns this lame website

ignore all the comments of this TARD

and please remove all the bubbles of this KID

nix3549d ago

i live in india and i dont know when the game will hit here. i hope i don't have to pay extra because sony launches the games really late just like MGS4 and GTA4. talking about GTA4, it's the worst overhyped game ever. thankfully, i have faith on KZ2.

and yeah.. while i am whining i might as well forget about the KZ2 demo that comes out on Feb 5th. anyone generous enough to give me a code.. please? q:


ill try to get you one before thursday

nix3549d ago

thanks man.... but the only problem is my comp is screwed so i only can browse from PS3 which means i can't check PMs... there's something wrong with N4g and PS3 browser. i can only access one page at a time. the minute i move to next page it logs me out. so, the minute i click on PM (which is blinking right now) it takes me to the home page... sigh!

errr.. if it's not a problem can you add me as your friend on PSN and send me code.. if you can, that is. PSN: nixxerman.


Doesnt matter if you have a demo it WONT SELL! lol

skip2mylou3549d ago

why isnt this guy in open zone yet?

KillzoneKid3549d ago

Resistance 1 sold more than all flop x360 JRPGS in Japan

any PS/wii product sell in Japan

but even SQARE jrpgs are also flops on x360 there

zaz123549d ago

may be it will be the first FPS that do well in Japan

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