1UP's RPG Blog - The World is Square: Evermore hate? Nevermore

1UP writes: "The World is Square is a weekly column for 1UP's RPG blog The Grind examining the past, present and future of Square Enix, the world's largest and most influential publisher of role-playing games. Square's fortunes and failures have long been emblematic of the state of the Japanese games industry at large, and its approach to the challenges of the current console generation will point the way for countless other developers.

Kurt Kalata's Hardcore Gaming 101 has posted another fine update today, with a few items of interest to readers of The Grind. First up is a piece on the Quest for Glory games, which I really need to read given that I know, uh, pretty much nothing about them. Look, I didn't own a computer until the mid-90s, OK? And even then it was a Mac, so I was deprived of a lot of games. My pangs of envy when the guys in the dorm room next to mine downloaded DOOM are not something I like to think back on."

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