ButtonMasher: Killzone 2 Review

After thinking about it more and more, Killzone is every bit the powerhouse that Sony needed it to be. ButtonMasher is sure that there will be people bagging it for various reasons, they have already pointed out that they were dissapointed by more than one aspect, but for what it does well, it does better than anyone else ever has.

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thereapersson4455d ago

I'm liking these "no score" reviews. They say what they need to say, and what the reviewer did and didn't like about the game; however, when the reader gets to the end, they are not tempted to make up an assumption based off a number. It actually forces you to read what the reviewer had to say, instead of skimming through and judging the game accordingly.

After all, scores are useless if you don't read the reasons why a reviewer gave out that score.

Timberland2K94455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

i dont like them either it makes them seem fake or unreliable

It could be a good thing though because it forces people to read instead of going crazy over the difference between 9.4 and 9.5

thereapersson4455d ago

Yeah, I agree. And really, I've seen some really DUMB people out there who say because the game didn't get a 9.5 on IGN (it got a 9.4), that it failed. What the hell is up with that sh1t? We're supposed to be gamers because we enjoy playing games, not reading and nitpicking over review scores...

ChampIDC4455d ago

Exactly why I generally don't care about review scores. I base my decisions by weighing the good and bad. Army of Two was one of my favorite games of last year, yet it certainly didn't get stellar reviews. People are far too obsessed with numbers and forget what games are really about. It's about what you enjoy playing, not what somebody else enjoys.

TheMART4455d ago

"Being so critical of the character development and script you might think playing through the game was a chore, allow me to clarify, the game is fun! The online has potential, the mechanics are all in place and the single player, while short (5.5 hours), is beautifully crafted. In terms of value for money there might not be the same immediate package that Resistance 2 offered, but I feel that the fluidity of the game play (should the fully functioning online game be lag free) has more promise than R2 has shown."

Again that 5.5 hours that also said KZ2 is to play through. That's really to freaking short.

Graphics Whore4455d ago

They could have played it on Easy for all you know. Mart, take a break you psycho.

sinny4455d ago

Well, CoD Waw is shorter : 3 hours
CoD 4 lasts 5 hours max
And Gears of War is around 6 hours too
So... i find strange that some reviewers said that K2 is short because it last around 5 to 10 hours depending the difficulty you are playing and they didn't say nothing about those other games ( to name another big titles )

If you think that 5.5 hours is short for a FPS then you must play really bad.

ReTarDedFisHy4455d ago

You're really nitpicking aren't you? :/
Is it really necessary?
Some reviews say 6, some reviews say 10, some reviews say 8; people play games differently, that's a fact. What's not a fact is that "this game will definitely take you exactly 5.5 hours to beat" just because it took the reviewers that long. I, for one, on my first playthrough, play at a slow pace and on the hardest difficulty, and that lasts me a long time because I let myself get really into it. It's only on the second playthrough where I don't give jack sh*t about anything and play blazingly fast.

If there's a game with a short campaign, that's Call of Duty 4. But since it was so tightly packed and intense, it was very forgivable. If there's anything that this review is indicating to me, it's that Killzone 2 is just like that. With the inclusion of an apparently stellar multiplayer, Killzone 2 looks as if it's going to last as long as Call of Duty 4 did to me; a freakin' long time.

Don't forget them trophies, either.

thereapersson4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

Well I don't understand where people are getting that 5.5 hour estimate from, considering I've seen most sites that quote it as longer. Besides, Call of Duty 4 had a shorter campaign, and that game also had no co-op. Killzone 2 has better multiplayer than COD 4, plus a longer SP campaign, therefore it should at least score higher than COD 4 (which was the best shooter to come out since Halo 3).

You know how it goes with most reviewers. They don't even bother trying to find most of the hidden stuff in games, or trying to see everything there is to see. They usually just speed run through the game, trying to finish it as quick as possible. Hell, Fallout 3 can be beaten in under 15 hours if you don't do anything else but follow the main quest, but if you really want to enjoy the game, you can put well over 50 hours into it. I'm sure there will be relatively few people who will even come close to a completion time of 5.5 hours.

TheMART4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

I am saying this because I've heard so many Sony fans say that DL-DVD would make short stories. They complained about Gears which lasts longer in playing hours then KZ2.

So if they complained back then, it certainly is legit to complain now with the BluRay disc of 50GB. Guerilla/Sony should have made more use of space and make at least a 10 to 15 hour lasting game.

Not only that, its because I mainly only play online on Xbox Live because its a better service. I play about only Single Player on my PS3. Thus, that makes me having spend more then 10 Euro an hour on this game.

Which is pretty sad again, for the 50GB disc and said to have longer lasting games.

@ thereapersson

I had COD4 on my 360 with XBL and played online the most, although the SP was great.

KZ2 I'll be playing mostly only SP, because my online friendlist is on my 360. I hate the people not having a headset on PSN also. Difficult to communicate and have strategy together.

Thus I am judging this game on its SP.


@ whore (below)

Dude, I took the 5.5 hour info from this review and
I may not speak about this because? You know that censorship like this:

"Can we just take all of his bubbles already? It would be even better if Mods just banned him permanently however."

Has been used in the past by some people to silence other persons or groups. That hasn't been the best time in history dude. Dictators ain't fun. And you calling upon others to have people silenced that don't think the same as you and express their feelings about something is scary.

@ theraperson

I already own the PSeye with mic, but I guess I'll give it another try with a BT headset. I just ordered it with some new games online by the way and I might give KZ2 a try again.

Yes on XBL we have a way to communicate with the friends I am playing online with. Its ingame chat and cross game chat/invites we use. Which isn't working on PSN. You're right on the headset. Sony should include them with PS3's.

thereapersson4455d ago

Well, you can't fault people for hyping games up like that. However, I am one of the people who think that Blu-Ray doesn't necessarily have to mean a longer game. I think it's more for being able to store more uncompressed audio and other game assets on, as well as special features not found on a regular disc.

Hell, oblivion was a long game, and it fit on a DVD. It was just loaded with repeating assets and other such shortcuts. Besides, I wouldn't think a game like Killzone 2, which as you know is an FPS, to be a very lengthy experience. Have games that are actually warranted a lengthy experience, like RPG's, and you start to see more examples of what devs can do with the tech.

Graphics Whore4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

Lol Mart "I'm only gonna play Killzone SP".

Jesus it really doesn't get any more pathetic than you does it?

One or two websites out of 30 report 5 or so hour game-play lengths and you take this for truth. What about the other 30 websites? that report 8-12?

You really are an insufferable human being.

Can we just take all of his bubbles already? It would be even better if Mods just banned him permanently however.


Mart I'm not playing Dictator, you're an idiot and N4G just doesn't need you. You've been preaching the same retarded angle for at least a couple years and no one wants to hear it anymore.

thereapersson4455d ago (Edited 4455d ago )

Well, it sounds like you're serious about online play, especially clan strategies and whatnot. I'm sure that if you were part of an online group, that you guys would all make sure you had some way of communicating with one another.

I've seen MP videos of Killzone 2 that had people working really well together as a team. I do agree that Sony needs to package a headset in with the system, though to be fair not having a ton of immature users with headsets can be a good thing:

@ TheMart

Yeah, the PS3 Bluetooth headset is really nice. I have one, and the audio quality is superb (better than my jabra I used to have). The PSEye is nice, but the microphone only works so well. I like having something right next to my head that I can mute any time I want when I don't want people hearing what I am saying.

I ordered Killzone 2, so maybe you and I will have to duke it out online when it is released?


Don't forget Mart, with the SP campaign comes trophies> I'm sure you wouldn't mind spending some extra time with the game to try to unlock some of them, right?

GVON4455d ago

You should start it on veteran mate,you write as if you've been gaming for years and have played plenty of FPS,and i'm confidant that on your first vet play through you'll take langer than 7.5 and anywhere up to 15 to see the credits.

personally anyone who's played countless FPS games online and off,then first plays it on normal and complains it's 5-6 hours long has no right to complain.they picked a difficulty that is aimed for players below there skill levels.

shawnsl654454d ago (Edited 4454d ago )

mart u want to hear your team's voice while playing? join a KZ2 clan/guild. I can see where you are getting at with the short single player gameplay, but it doesn't have a thing to do with blu-ray. The devs decides the story line and how much they want to put into it and that's it. I remember playing rpg games that lasted well over 70 hours in single player campaign, but the graphics of that game isn't anywhere near kz2's uncompressed graphic + 7.1 audio. If GG decides to give us a DLC which lengthens the single player experience, then that should satisfy people who thinks the game is too short for them.

no more n4g for me starting tomorrow.. don't want anyone to bring their spoilers to this game like they did with GeoW and R2 (through reviews).

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Marcus Fenix4455d ago

then people would actually read the reviews, great game no one can deny that, how's the days passing PS3 owners?, seem like months huh?

reaferfore204455d ago

It's been months.... now it's only days.... still seems like months though..

Timberland2K94455d ago

I've been freakin watching like a mad man Literally 24/7

thereapersson4455d ago

It sucks, but considering I have all these other games to play, it's not so bad.

CrippleH4455d ago

Very true.

I got the same case with MGS4.

I got all these games to play- Uncharted, LBP, Gears 2, Gears 1, Halo 3, Resistance 2, MGS4, and etc.

Yet I don't want to play them because I'm tired of them (except Uncharted just beat crushing for the 5th time last week, taking a break).

Chris3994455d ago

That will definitely keep me occupied till the 27th.

(Well there is the demo on the 5th that I'm wickedly excited about.)

thereapersson4455d ago

I bought that game when it was released because of all the underground hype surrounding it, and then I never got around to finishing it. Sad, really, because it's a good game.

Danja4455d ago

same here still playing Valkyria Chronicles , had to put it on hold to attend to Persona 4 beat it like a week ago ,...

so should keep me occupied till KZ2 comes around

Blademask4455d ago

and im looking to KZ2 way more than my day of creation.

iHEARTboobs4454d ago

I'm also looking forward to Killzone 2 more than the day of your creation. haha

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Graphics Whore4455d ago

I admire their valiant effort to stay out of the generic 1-10 scoring range and while it doesn't go under-appreciated it doesn't help the meta-score. I know that seems superficial but it's true. Every score helps.

Timberland2K94455d ago

i only care about certain websites scores because there will be haters as we anticipate 's 7/10 for bad voice acting they will say as well as short story and lack of originality.

That site doesn't do anything but bash everything but the xbox 360

CrippleH4455d ago

You know what's the lamest con I heard.

Lack of identity. I read one review that said that.
So Helghast, weapon feel, weighted character, a story with a history, the crazy environment, cover system for fps, and online is lack of identity?

ChampIDC4455d ago

Clearly it is! New ideas don't mean a unique identity. Where have you been?

Seriously though, the look of the Helghast is enough identity for me. I still have a poster of the first Killzone, which I never played, in my room because the dude looks so darn cool. Plus, the only other game I've seen that tried to do a FPS cover system was Medal of Honor Airborne, and that game was less than stellar, though I thought the cover system was pretty neat. It's good to see a FPS cover system in an actual good game.

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