Extreme Gamer: Skate 2 Review

Extreme Gamer writes: "Electronic Arts returns to the skate park with Blackbox's Skate 2. The formula is roughly the same deal as 2007's initial run, except this time around it has been tinkered and tooled with to make a better skating experience. Tony better think about returning to his old tricks because Electronic Arts is starting to own the sport. This is Skate 2."


* It's a bigger city with bigger tricks
* He Walks! You can get off your board
* Ability to move around objects in game
* Fun multiplayer with co-op support
* Website intergration
* Excellent sound effects with a rocking soundtrack


* Off the board action needs to be tuned up
* Can be frustrating to nail certain challenges
* Moderate learning curve
* Storyline seems thrown together

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