Corporate espionage incident at Microsoft

Tech.blorge writes:

Microsoft filed a lawsuit against a former employee for stealing important files from the company. According to reports, the former employee joined Microsoft with the intent to procure confidential documents that could help win a case against the software giant.

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TrevorPhillips3546d ago

nice try better luck next time, oh wait there is no next time

FarEastOrient3545d ago

Can Sony slap Microsoft with corporate spying from the development of the Cell Processor tech that was used to create the Xbox 360?

ambientFLIER3545d ago

Can gamers slap Sony with a lawsuit for making overpriced systems and lackluster games?

outlawlife3546d ago

this is serious business, especially if the guy was under contract for MS, he could go down for a very long time

chances are he is just going to be broke...for the rest of his life

ultimolu3546d ago

He's in a sh*tload of trouble. That's a no-no. It doesn't matter which company it is.

Mcrmarcher3546d ago

Playing with fire really......

Graphics Whore3546d ago

He'll get charged with espionage but it seems very plausible that Microsoft could lose the case.

Odion3546d ago

actually most likely what ever evidence that he obtained will not be usable because its stolen.

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The story is too old to be commented.