Mortal Kombat II coming in March for $4.99

Get Over Here! Come relive all the fatalities that made Mortal Kombat II® a beloved classic. Brought back and available for download exclusively on the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system, play as 1 of 12 characters as you venture through realms, such as The Dead Pool, Kombat Tomb or Kahn's Lair. Battle all of your favorite bosses such as Goro or Shang Tsung and unlock hidden characters including Noob Saibot. Decide your enemies' fate with 3 different special endings and prepare to Finish Him!

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Syko4278d ago

Not pointing it out, But I am askin a question. Is it not an online fighter or is it just not mentioned in this story?

wolfgang4278d ago

This is good for those who only own the PS3 as Ultimate Mortal Kombat3 is already avaible on the xbox360 marketplace. Still it doesn't hurt to have more game to choose from.

SEAN16174278d ago

when i heard about this it was several weeks ago, and midway said there was on line multiplayer

Syko4278d ago

Yeah that's not bad and it is nice at $4.99 with multiplayer. But as I found out on XBL these fighting games aren't much fun on line when you are as bad at em' as I am. Street Fighter and UMK3 I got 3 wins combined between the 2 I won't even say how many matches I've played

Chagy4278d ago

lol at syko same here with this title i suck at MK but ill buy it neways

GaMr-4278d ago

Cause without online this would be the biggest waste of a download. IMO

grifter0244278d ago

True but it kinda sucks that they didnt pick mk3 more characters better selection... But whatever floats your boat.I still dom with reptile

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The story is too old to be commented.