Crispy Outlook 2009: Halo 3: ODST

Bungie follows up Halo 3 with a new first-person story that doesn't star Master Chief. Will anybody still care?

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GWAVE3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

It's Halo. Of course people will care. It could be called "Halo: Water Polo" and people would still care, and I'm not trying to sound negative. I'm just reaffirming the series' popularity.

My biggest question is how LONG this game will be. Bungie said it was going to be a budget $30 title or something like that. I'd hate to wait all year for a 4-hour long spin-off.

EDIT @ Blaze below

To my understanding, OSDT will have a different setup. It'll be more squad-based and will have different abilities. I don't know the details since there hasn't been much info released on the game, but I'm pretty sure it couldn't just be DLC since it changes a lot of things. On top of that, I hope they upgrade the graphics from Halo 3's graphics, which were pretty mediocre.

Blaze9293547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

They said it'll be like a 5 hour game. So maybe $20 at most? What I dont get is do we still need Halo 3 to play it? If not what kind of game is ODST, a real game or like a 250 Gamerscore game? ODST has multiplayer to just like Halo 3 so theirs no reason to keep halo 3 anymore. What they should just do is make ODST a downloadable campaign for Halo 3 that could be chooseable through the campaign menu. Makes no sense why its a stand alone game only.

Sean Ryno3547d ago

Seriously dude, go to and read all the things they have said about this game. All of your "what I don't know's" are answered quite clearly.

Pootie Tang3547d ago

yea it the i agree with the length comment, since its only expected to be a short add on, its more like stand alone DLC really. i'm curious how they'll price it

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killzone2flop3547d ago

Everyone in the WORLD cares about HALO 3 everyone with a console will purchase Halo 3: ODST......That's why droids are afraid when ever they here a word halo it leaves them shivering in their pants because they know its a game which shifts consoles in the MILLIONS.

Helghast Slayer3547d ago

No need for that kind of nonsense boy. Just enjoy the game an keep quite. It does look promising indeed. Hope the 360 owners have fun with this one.

Kufi-3547d ago

"everyone with a console will purchase Halo 3: ODST"
You big failed..I wont ,and why? Becosue i dont have xbox360.
Will i buy Xbox for it? No? Why? Becouse i dont care.
After Kz2 i dont think Halo will be that big what was it before..
New gen is coming.

N4360G3547d ago

Halo 3:ODST is not a game but an expansion pack LOL.

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JohnnyBadfinger3547d ago

As long as it aint Halo wars *cringe* ill buy it.

sit down droid3547d ago

whats wrong with halo wars?

Huh3547d ago

i agree with badfinger halo wars is meh

InMyOpinion3547d ago

It's 360 exclusive. That's why they don't like it. They don't like Halo Wars and say that console RTS games are stupid. At the same time they shower praise over the PS3 RTS game called Under Siege, which is just a PSN title and that they haven't even seen in motion.

Makes sense, doesn't it?

king dong3547d ago

collective amnesia and unadulterated hypocrisy follow these lot like a bad smell.

bubbles up mate and sit down droid also!

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Foxgod3547d ago

I care too, the story for this game sounds epic.

Killzonegamer833547d ago

Again im not trying to be a fanboy, but Killzone 2 will just set the bar so high in terms of FPS that unless Halo 3 uses a completly different graphics engine that can blow away killzone 2 then noone will care about Halo as much anymore.. Same goes for Call of duty or any FPS for that matter.

The reason i say this is because, people are already complaining that Killzone 2 while its amazing and fun as hell to play that its just another FPS.. think about it, Killzone 2 looks and plays amazing, where does the FPS war genre go from here?! If fans get another Call of duty with just a new coat of paint on it like they did with World at war then i really think gamers will get tired of the FPS..

IF they are already complaining that Killzone 2 is just another FPS as great as killzone 2 might be.. Just imagine if a new halo and call of duty came out and it looks just like the previous installments

AngryHippo3547d ago

....can there be one thread without that game mentioned.

'IF they are already complaining that Killzone 2 is just another FPS as great as killzone 2 might be.. Just imagine if a new halo and call of duty came out and it looks just like the previous installments'.

I can see your point but I don't think any Call of Duty game or Halo game will reach Killzone 2 level this generation. They have made a very big graphical leap, and now every single FPS is going to be compared to Killzone and will always come second best to it (In my opinion).

What needs to be remembered though is that graphics are not the only thing that is needed to make a game great. Gameplay and storyline are two key factors, more important in my opinion than graphics. I just hope people realise this when the future brings fantastic fps titles that are not up to the same standard of Killzone 2 graphically.

Blaze9293547d ago

Who is talking about Killzone 2 or Call of Duty? Its just asking if anyone will care about Halo ODST since Master Chief wont be the main character. I knew that game would pop up here even though it has no reason to.

Anyway I care and cant wait for ODST and i take it that the 890,958 Unique Players in the Last 24 Hours on Halo 3 will too.

SixZeroFour3547d ago

yea, and that 800k+ "unique players" is just that, there are way more if you include their guests ;)

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