Crispy Outlook 2009: Heavy Rain

The makers of Indigo Prophecy are talking about making a game that will be nothing short of revolutionary. But is this all hot air? Or can they deliver a truly landmark piece of code?

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Hallucinate3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

i hope this turn out good..but then haters will be haters and say its a $60 dollar movie..which is fine in MGS4 i prefered the cut scenes over the gamplay..which is the same with everyother story driven game
so basically in MGS4 while everyone was going F these cut scences let me play damnit! i was saying " F this gameplay give me the cut scenes damnit!"

sa_nick3545d ago

Man, when will people quit using that old image from a tech demo that's years old and has nothing to do with the game?

And Hallucinate, i agree. The game will be what it is, and it'll be done well. Xbots, FPS fans and some reviews will probably hate it because they wont understand that it plays exactly how it should. They'll assume it's a poorly made because there's not enough fragging and not take into account its an entierly different genre.

Hallucinate3545d ago

yea theyve shown gamplay....but the gamplay they showed is not going to be in the final game cause they didnt want to spoil it...and from what i saw heavy rain WILL be intense if you make the un safe decisions that is =D

Graphics Whore3545d ago

Watching the developers conference for Heavy Rain with the real-time game play footage and some of the most gorgeous graphics to date, I personally think that Heavy Rain is gonna deliver for story-driven fans.

Rhezin3544d ago

I've never played Indigo Prophecy. This story seems like a movie with mystery and serial killer elements like that of a Stephen King novel.
I saw one of the little button mini games the developers are famous for putting in their game on a trailer. Looks cool, hope it delivers.