Team Fortress 2: Meet the original Scout

Joystiq writes:

"Hopping into the Way Back Machine reminds us that Team Fortress 2 originally sported a traditional art style. One of the first classes to get a redesign was everyone's favorite Boston southie, the Scout. Although concept artist Dhabih Eng promised to harm people if the original concept art for the Scout was ever released, Valve has nevertheless added the art to its blog. From a military look (as seen above) to a track-suit wearing delivery boy, the Scout has seen his fair share of edits. Those of you interested in the evolution of Team Fortress 2's Scout should check out Valve's blog."

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WhoaMan3545d ago

That game's multiplayer was filled with glitches and bugs.
There's a reason why it's not as popular.

unicorndeathcamp3545d ago

YOU played the ps3 version i see....

ChampIDC3545d ago

Console versions were both pretty bad. PC ftw!

unicorndeathcamp3545d ago

and always be the best for any valve game. The mod supports are outstanding.

the ps3 version of this game was awful, you guys really got screwed.