Gamespot's "gut reaction" to PS3 europe launch

It's official: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has announced that the already-delayed PlayStation 3 console will launch with different hardware that will support "a broad range of original PlayStation titles and a limited range of PlayStation 2 titles." Once the PS3 is finally released in those territories, customers there will have been waiting longer to pay a higher sticker price for what is essentially less-powerful, less-flexible hardware. Then again, is backward compatibility really all that important to begin with? What does this mean for Sony, for prospective PS3 buyers, and for the future in general? GameSpot editors from around the globe sound off. Hear what they have to say.

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nix4305d ago

i was so surprised! q:

TheMART4305d ago

Backward compatibility not a big issue???

Well if I see God of War 2, it will be. That game is the best game out there, it tops any PS3 title up to date and for the coming time...

Plus: it might not be a big issue in the end. But in the minds of consumers in Europe/Australia, they are raped again by Sony. First delaying it a whole year, then get higher prices in UK/Ireland etc. and finally get less support on PS2 games.

It's all in the consumers perception, not what Sony thinks. But they fail to understand, time after time again!

ReconHope4304d ago

why are you comparing ps2 games to ps3 games?

Violater4305d ago

Ps3 comments just as high as I rate the Mart's.

r10004305d ago

LOL.... Seriously I'm with ya man.... I don't even think he plays "GAMES" theres like a million senseless Microsoft drone like comments on this board with his name on them...

Hooper User4305d ago

million senseless Microsoft drone like comments and yet you can't get enough.

mephixto4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

I'm starting to think that The Mart is a new kind of AI engine under development in microsoft

BrotherSic4305d ago

I still think the issue is not about BC but the fact the we (PAL gamers) are getting an inferior system for the same price.

All they have to do is give a free extra controller (or another extra) and i would be happy again. If its a money saving change then pass on the savings.

cuco334305d ago

sadly europe is sonyland and no matter how delayed, how expensive, how butchered the ps3 may be they will eat it alive and praise it as the next coming of christ
is the ps3 doesn't do well over there, sony better go back to the drawing board, fire their PR people, and rethink their entire strategy since they are 0 for 2 right now. i do think they will do well though. sadly i want the ps3 to do well, they just keep falling into the holes they dug for themselves

TheMART4305d ago

Well urm...

Wasn't Japan Sonyland also?

"No matter how delayed, how expensive, how butchered the ps3 may be they will eat it alive and praise it as the next coming of christ"

Japanese in the past would have done Kamikaze for it. But they also turned their back on the system. It's not selling in USA nor Japan as it should. So why would Europe hold on to PS? Really Europeans aren't that different from Americans in the buying preference

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The story is too old to be commented.