The GameSpy Debriefings #72

GameSpy writes:

"Yeah, you read that descriptor correctly. Activision officially announced DJ Hero, which made Sterling immediately suspicious. We discuss the merits of mash-up culture and what the new game might nail... or not. Then we move onto Rock Band's alleged "5000 songs" incident earlier this week and talk about our wish list for the year.

We also discuss the demise of Games Convention and the rise of the new German show in Cologne. Miguel's recent playthrough of Dead Space has raised his standards for Resident Evil 5, and he's got some crazy ideas for a suit perk... Will goes into details about Operation Anchorage and his excitement about Fallout 3's eventual level cap. Sterling closes the proceedings with an analogy about economics and season two of "The Wire" and EA's recent Need for Speed announcements. (You'll have to trust us.)"

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