Ars Technica: The Covenant returns: hands on with Halo Wars

Ars Technica writes, "With Killzone 2 on the horizon, Sony is gearing up for a strong first quarter with at least one killer app. Fittingly, Microsoft intends to answer back with a new Halo title in the first big blockbuster battle of the new year. But that Halo title is decidedly different than what fans of the series might be expecting: it is, after all, Halo Wars, an real-time strategy (RTS) game based on the famed first-person shooter (FPS) franchise.

The transition in genres sounds awkward at first blush, but we've spent the night playing through an early taste test of the title-the first stretch of true hands-on time with the game that we've gotten-and, surprisingly, it holds up pretty well. As far as staying true to the Halo source material, fans of the series will likely eat up this title as they have the previous ones. But the question is this: can Microsoft repeat the success of the series' titles with an RTS? "

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