7 J-RPG Hates (And What Needs To Change)

OXM UK writes:

"So, you've probably seen the new FFXIII trailer by now.

Me, I've been playing through another JRPG the last week and whilst Square-Enix's newest game in the franchise looks promising, I'm hoping for something better. Something more. Something... different.

Here are seven ways that Japanese RPGs could change for the better, starting with the most important."

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Obama3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

If he wants to play a great jrpg, he should try out Valkyria Chronicles. It is so refreshing and unique that everyone should be able enjoy it. He complains about the horrible English voice acting in jrpg, but VC has both quality Japanese and english dub.

I understand his concerns though since pretty much all jrpg on the 360 are mediocre and cliche. If only he has a ps3, he wouldn't be complaining that much and can enjoy great jrpg like VC and persona 4. (also new jrpg are still coming out for the ps2)

FantasyStar3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

I found the english voice acting for VC to be "cringe-worthy". I much prefer the voice acting for Lost Odyssey. For RPGs, lip-syncing, facial animations and voice acting are a must for me. VC didn't really deliver for me in 2 of those areas. As opposed to Lost Odyssey which pretty much got it down perfectly. (but that's because LO was developed with English VAs in mind)

Although the back of my head is telling me Star Ocean 4 is going to suck. But I hope I'm wrong. I really did enjoy SO3 (despite the far-fetching story and departure from the first SO)

Chris3993574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Eternal Sonata was decent, and I think we can all agree that the voice-work in that was painful.

JRPGs this gen have been mostly uninspired and trite. Vesperia, was Tales of the Abyss in HD. SquareEnix's last two offerings - IU and LR - were crap by the majority of people's standards (if you liked those games, good for you, the general consensus was that they sucked).

I don't have particularly high-hopes for SO: TLH. Tri-Ace often over complicate things with needless systems and the art direction hasn't won me over.

Their last game had mediocre graphics and piss poor frame-rates. They're using the same engine for this title; so while the graphics have been amped considerably, I'm worried about technical hitches that might accompany even more performance being tweaked from the engine.

Not going to pre-order this, but will probably rent it for a few days to see if it is decent and then form a final opinion on whether to "pass" or "buy".

Oh, and back to the point of the original article. I disagree with most of it. I think that these "negatives" mentioned are exactly the comforts and stereotypes that many of us who play JRPGs look for. Take that away, and we're left with Oblivion. I'll stick to my cliches and conventions, thank you.

gaffyh3574d ago

These list of 7 things are actually doable and are changes that are needed. Especially the first one, I hate it when kids join your party, I thought them two kids in LO were annoying, but Rico & Rucha in Infinite Undiscovery are the most annoying kids ever.

@FantasyStar - I dunno about VC, but LO had quite terrible voice acting, especially the main bad guy (whose voice acting and character design sucked imo)

iamtehpwn3574d ago

Was fantastic. The localization in that game was dead-on.

Although I'm sick of Weaboos complaining about the English language too much.

Perkel3573d ago

VC is not JRPG.

oh if next NFL game will have anime style it ill be jrpg ? No !

VC is tactical strategy ..

infamous_273573d ago

Okay, Valkyria Chronicles is not an jRPG, it's a sRPG! I hate when people call Valkyria Chronicles a jRPG, it's like calling Disgaea 3 a jRPG. Infact, PS3 doesn't have any exclusive jRPG's... yet.

PS The only console I own this gen is PS3.

Obama3573d ago

VC is a jprg. Jrpg isn't just about exploring and turn based battles. If you want to get technical, it's jsrpg.

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CryofSilence3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

I don't quite agree with this article because a few of his points aren't valid.

1. Kid characters joining aren't always bad... Remember Final Fantasy 3/6?

2. Most JRPGs I've played have amazing villains. Some of the most sinister in gaming and media in general. There are duds in every genre for villains.

3. It all depends on the game. I actually prefer in most games the default costume made by the developers and just changing things like the weapon/shield.

4. Yeah, this needs a boost. But it's getting better ever since FFX (which had admittedly awkward dialogue at parts, and genuinely touching dialogue at others). I want the option to have the original Japanese dialogue with English subtitles, just like how I watch all anime.

5. I <3 me some awesome cutscenes. Opening of FFVIII still has me entranced. The recent FFversusXIII trailer is stunning as well. I like over-the-top cutscenes. It makes them "Japanese" for me.

6. A little bit more puzzle-work would be nice.

7. As long as the protagonists are unique, varied, and don't fall into too many stereotypes, they're fine.

FF7numbaone3574d ago

I dont see how a rpg where you destroy the world can be good. Unless maybe, you switch sides through the story.

Counter_ACT3574d ago

What they need to do is stop making Xbox 360 exclusive crap like The Last Remnant and Infinite Unidiscovery.

Maywell3574d ago

stupid article.

Those developers knows what is "game", "rpg" and they knows how to make game. They are smart people, and gamers are common people, usually those who is lazy in study (mostly but not all gamer).

You post ur own thinking. this article isnt good.

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