How to Make Gears of War 2 Better

After reading about numerous complaint threads on the official Gears of War forums, I decided to do a little investigative research and discover just how exactly other matchmaking, rank, and networking systems work on different video games. I decided to pick the two best examples for my research: Halo 2 and Halo 3. After doing some Google searches, I found a few critical articles that, after reading, shed a ton of insight into how matchmaking should work. For instance....

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LightningPS3PS33639d ago

Pretty good game, I thought the original was better. Maybe the second time it's not as shocking anymore.

ThanatosDMC3639d ago

Dedicated servers or at least rent out Gamespy servers or something. Heck they should do that for UT3 servers too when you try to host co-op games on Steam.

Maddens Raiders3639d ago

to make it better is put it on dedicated servers and a reliable system; none other that the PlayStation 3. But that would be too obvious.

bomboclaat_gamer3639d ago

use dedicated servers. i hate when the host quits then its game over

KenAdamsNSA3639d ago

Exactly! Epic has a ton of money, and if Left 4 Dead can do it (only one spot lower than Gears 2 on XBL charts) then Epic DEFINITELY can do it with Gears 2.

Lord Vader3639d ago

Played it all weekend... some improvements with the update but please... STOP THE LAG !!!

Regional Settings are a MUST to stop the Lag EPIC !!!

KenAdamsNSA3639d ago

Client-side hit detection is the answer to the lag question.

Sayai jin3639d ago

The patch last week address some of the issues. I have seen some people gravitate back since the patch. I say fix the chainsaw, it is simply yo powerful, it sucks you in. That my only complaint.

outlawlife3639d ago

the update really helped a lot but the real problem as said above is the lag, it kills the game

if this game had dedicated servers at least as an option it would be so much fun

host migration and player replacement would be a fine addition as well...too many quitters

still 2-3 people quite every single game by the 3rd round

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