Top 5 Things to make Xbox Live Avatars Better

Avatars are pretty cool. They add a level of functionality that pervades throughout the entire Xbox LIVE experience that no other console has matched (even the Wii doesn't have the same integral features as the Avatar system). However, there is still a whole lot more that can be done to perfect Avatars. Here are 4 things Microsoft needs to get on top of ASAP before Avatars become just another gimmick.

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outlawlife3635d ago

i cant disagree with any of these

avatars have tons of potential, it just isn't being used

legionx3635d ago

Having them optional would be nice too.

KenAdamsNSA3635d ago

See, I don't know why that's a big deal, considering you can just make one with the default stuff and ignore them from there on out. Unless you mean disabling all of them all the time.

legionx3635d ago

I just don't have any use for the avatar. When I boot up my xbox first thing I do is hit guide. I guess once they implement more uses for them then they might be worth while, but to me its pointless right now.