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Cwalat3547d ago

.... i'm still pissed !!!!






cause i don't have it !!!!

lociefer3547d ago

ur pissed that u dont have it ? im pissed that i dont have it + i dont have a hd tv to play it on , beat that :((((

TruthBTold3547d ago

Its F*cking awesome. This game is sick. I had not seen what the MP was about and if I was hyped about this game before now Im speechless. Really excited about the MP apart from the SP. Wow.... I mean wow, what can I say.

C_SoL3547d ago

go right ahead bravo. Spoil everything for me.

INehalemEXI3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

Controlling that mech looks like fun , maybe even better then controlling Rex in MGS4.

Wow I can just imagine ZoE3 on PS3...

edwineverready3547d ago

That's awesome right there.

lociefer3547d ago

u guyz seriously , this is cool but dont watch , the idiots spoiled lots of surprises , and they even show the final level , amateurs , DONT WATCH AND WAIT TILL 27th

actas1233546d ago

Damn everything they use is made by Sony, even their chairs, tables and toilet paper are Sony. These guys are hardcore sony fanboys.

Maddens Raiders3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

is a movement that cannot be stopped or ignored.

This game will officially usher in the NEW AGE of gaming. As it should.

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Keyop3546d ago

@ 1.9

The programme was made at Guerilla Games HQ, so of course, lots of Sony Stuff!

hazeblaze3546d ago

LOL, this game is going to be freaking awesome!!! I can't wait! I'm pre-ordering from Amazon... I've heard they sometimes send their copies a day or so early.

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inbfour3547d ago

My hype has maxed out. Any further and I may explode.

panasonic233547d ago

why bravo why not sci fi channel that the channel the nerds be watching.