The two computer viruses that shook the world

When it comes to the threat of computer viruses, the damages that all these viruses caused may have reached a cumulative cost of over a hundred billion dollars. Hence, it is but fitting to enumerate two of the most well-known computer viruses that shook the world by storm.

Ever wonder which computer viruses did the most damage in the world? Gen Digi answers the question.

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Bnet3433545d ago

Not a virus but Y2K fvcked up the world

JaymezProSauce3545d ago

I thought it only caused Anxiety to businesses and made the vast ignorant populace fear of impending doom?

Panthers3545d ago

Well companies spent a lot of money to "prevent" Y2K LOL.

buy a ps33545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

my dad owns a small company and spent 150$ to prevent the Y2K. he was freaking out. lol

uie4rhig3544d ago

but there was one, that killed infected your PC within minutes if you connected to the internet's without running an antivirus.. i used to have it on XP SP1, but since SP2 it has never happened to me..

pixelsword3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

he was insistent that it would blow-up the world, and I was almost laughing in his face because what Y-2k was is basically the clock in some computers, if any, going back to 1900. When has setting a clock in your computer EVER cause things to go catastrophically wrong to the point of massive system failure other than an actual timed-induced virus?

It's the same scam as those "yellow-alerts" on Fox news that makes people run around buying duct-tape.

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JaymezProSauce3545d ago

I started using computers abundantly in 2000 and have been been using it indefinitely...
The only "viruses" I've gotten were from PR0N, Serial giving sites/ keygen stuff w.e. thats called, and ONE trojan I downloaded, which was supposed to be a way to "hack?" Habbohotel and give me fr33 furNi. lawl. i ended up having my computer controlled by a hacker and we had a lil chat.. he asked 4 my user and pass and then i had control of my comp.. that was like in 2002.
i'm 16 now




the1truelegend3545d ago

You had a chat with a hacker who was controlling your computer? Wow. I have to say...that's pretty sweet and nerve wracking at the same time.

zeph943545d ago

lol, thatd would be weird as hell. Wat'd you do? Just ask him to give it back?

ambientFLIER3544d ago

I talked to a person controlling my PC as well. It was one of those Zero7 programs or whatever it was called, and he was opening my cd drive and typing stuff to me.

The funny part is that I d/l that program on purpose to see if it's even possible :P

Proxy3544d ago

Man, if that ever happened to me this would be one of the lines in our little chat:

"You may control my computer, but I control the power chord."

sit down droid3544d ago

thats exactly what i was thinking lol

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3544d ago
Axecution3544d ago

Oh mac, how i love you.