First images and details for PS3 exclusive Under Siege

Last month, Seed Studios teased us with a splash page website featuring the silhouettes of three characters for an upcoming PS3 exclusive called Under Siege. No details on the game were given at the time, but after a recent update to the website, we now have the first details on Under Siege as well as a first look at the game in pre-alpha stage.

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i_like_ff73640d ago

Cool wonder if this is 09.

BlindMonkey3640d ago

Nice graphics, still dont know much about it though

marinelife93640d ago

They need to enable mouse and keyboard support.

shawnsl653640d ago

Devs this gen needa get with the program. Give the gamers keyboard and mouse or they'll just hop on their pc come Winter 09 and play StarCraft 2.

Bnet3433640d ago

Halo Wars vs. Under Seige articles will hit N4G in no time. On a side note, I want to play an RTS with the PS3 controller to see how it feels like. I wanted to try the EndWar demo on PS3 but that game sucks.

Hallucinate3640d ago

halo would undoubtly win...unless this game has destrucitble enviroments like company of heroes

meepmoopmeep3640d ago

i've never even heard of this game.

hrmmm.. RTS on consoles using a console controller.
sounds awkward.

guess we'll see how this, Halo Wars comes through.

Tony P3640d ago

The environments look pretty nice. Look forward to seeing how this develops. User-generated content also sounds promising.

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

this has great potential, we all now know what exclusivity can do for a title on the ps3.

.. sixaxis wont cut it.

Sony needs to make us a high quality piano black blutooth mouse and keyboard.

socom blutooth comes to mind...

NickIni3639d ago

"halo would undoubtly win...unless this game has destrucitble enviroments like company of heroes"

Riiight. So you can compare and decide a victor of two games just by looking at a couple of screenshots.

Hallucinate3639d ago

i guess i didnt explain myself..halo will sell better just because it has halo in the title

na2ru13639d ago

The huts give it that old ancient vibe. Never heard of this game but it looks very nice from visual pov especially for pre-alpha.

Rock Bottom3639d ago

Seems that the PS3's 2009 list of exclusives is growing.

Gam713639d ago

"Riiight. So you can compare and decide a victor of two games just by looking at a couple of screenshots. "

It's been more than enough for ps fans for the past two years.

Also all of a sudden having an RTS on a console isn't a bad thing for ps fans?
Very fickle

UltimaEnder3639d ago

Seriously? you think people will compare a game like Halo Wars to some piece of crap PSN arcade title that is supposedly not even out of pre-alpha, you ps3 fanboys are nearing insanity if you ask me....clinging on to crap like this and raising a site like PSU to the top of the PS3 news blogs; what a joke!

NickIni3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Where does it say it's a PSN title?

You can't compare this to Halo Wars, we've seen two screenshots, and that's enough for you to declare it crap?

And you accuse others of 'nearing insanity'...

Rhoic3639d ago

Seriously.. I'm in agreement here. You guys are crazy if you think this is going to top Halo Wars. Also, I thought RTS on consoles were bad :x. I guess if it's only on the 360 then it's bad, huh?

plain rice3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

you define hypocrite......


Please dude, don't even start with that "What happen to RTS console's suck?" line. One retarded PS3 fanboy doesn't speak for the rest of us. And why is it crazy to think its not going to top Halo Wars? We've only seen screenshots. Nobody is claiming its going to top HW. I bet you came in here just to agree with your fellow Xbox fanboys in a PS3 game exclusive article.

No Way3639d ago

That is true that one idiotic PS3 fanboy doesn't speak for the others. But, I guarantee that people will start saying how much better this will be and blah blah blah.

And, I haven't heard of this studio before, and Ensemble Studios was a really good developer so I kinda doubt that this will be better Halo Wars. I'm not saying it's impossible for this game to be better than Halo Wars.. But, I doubt it.

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edwineverready3640d ago

But the graphics look better then halo wars.

Zeevious3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

Everyone should try to support FoxGod . . . agreeing like that wasn't easy.

Even thought it was just one single word, it's one of the 12 steps in the process to breaking your Cult of the Console brainwashing...
...and realizing that all consoles have great games.

That one little word "Right" is just you starting on the path into a larger gaming universe,
and don't worry you brave, brave soul, we are all here to help you...

One Twelfth of a step at a time.

Magic_The_Celt3640d ago

Lmao, i knew someone would point that out. and yes they do.

Stryfeno23639d ago

The question should be is it going to be good?

Shane Kim3639d ago

When are you going to buy a PS3 so that you can stop being envious. It has to be tiresome.

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Huh3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

this looks nice warning to the developers make sure you have anti-persmicrosoft applied because they will come to you with a briefcase full of money now that the game has been revealed

Sasanova3640d ago

answer to halo wars? meh, dont even need 1 imo, you got endwar, red alert 3 and up coming stormrise, but we will see what they do with the power of the ps3 without having it limited by 360

Chubear3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Well hey, just because we've got RTS titles on the PS3 doesn't mean there should be any more RTS titles. IT's great to see the PS3 has a very healthy diversity to it's library of games from FPSs to Puzzle to Action adventure to stealth action to RTS to MMOs to RP... (there coming)

And with it being an exclusive, I'd really like to see how it stands next to other multiplat RTSs too.

PirateThom3640d ago

Is this a Steven Seagal game?

Magna Farta3640d ago

Thankfully no. I think the mocap suit couldn't fit around his bulbous gut.

Mozilla893639d ago

I'm sure he's a hero unit for your army or something.

silvacrest3639d ago

Steven seagal hardly EVER gets hurt in all his movies

i guess he might be past the point of "i can still do my owm stunts"