Final Fantasy XIII Early 2009 Trailer in Detail

On Wednesday 28th January 2009 at 1600 hours (GMT) a new Final Fantasy XIII trailer was released on the official regional Final Fantasy XIII websites. Unlike previous trailers this trailer had dialogue and additional subtitles to give enthusiasts a jist of what to expect from Square Enix's upcoming RPG. This trailer can be viewed below along with in depth details after the jump !

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Sevir043550d ago

That was amazing. FFXIII looks amazing. i cant believe it's almost here. i really wanna try the demo coming with Advent children complete.

shawnsl653550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

yeah i've seen it. looks so much different from watching it on pc, and there's some added scenes it seem comparing to the one that came out a couple days ago.

Why dis3550d ago (Edited 3550d ago )

Downloaded it last night.

I agree it looks different on TV vs the PC, it looks better on PC(small screen hides the average textures of gameplay and in-engine cutscenes).

shawnsl653550d ago

i meant it looks better on the TV than it does on PC. My comp has a crap video card, can't watch those 720/1080p stuff on here.

stealthy-guy3549d ago

sucks that we have to wait so long to play it.anyone know if the blueray version of Vll movie free demo is region locked I preorder it.

thax in advance.