Resistance 3: Modern Warfare in the works?

Mike Ferro writes,

"Resistance 2 is one of my favorite games of 2008 with its stellar online multiplayer mode. The game was highly anticipated and went on to sell over a million copies. There is a new rumor doing the rounds that Resistance 3 may follow in the footsteps of Call of Duty and do a re-imaging of the game to a more modern warfare setting.

There is word that some of the ideas that have been thrown around regarding the next installment of Resistance involve shifting the timeline to the present or near future."

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Spike473545d ago

although I doubt they are but either way the next resistance game will be awesome.

3545d ago
Danja3545d ago

atleast the dam game still has whats the fuss??

this game offers so much that you shouldn't really be b!tching because they choose to take a different approach by actually making seperate Co-Op mission/story outside of the main game..which other game does that..

ne ways R3 will be awesome but I doubt they will follow in COD4 foot-steps the setting goes well with the game and story , but it's possible

Cajun Chicken3545d ago

Nah, R2 should of really had Co-Op during the campaign. Me and a friend completed Resistance 1 together and I got him all excited to play Resistance 2 in co-op. But of course, we couldn't.
R1 had a VERY good co-op game, its a shame Insomniac removed it in R2. 'Bit of a backwards step, imo.

Cryos3545d ago

I agree with Lightning and Cajun,

I completed R1 with my brother in Co-op, and have had many many parties were we break out the game just to play a death match. Good times.

The removal of those features was definetely a step backward.
In fact, the move towards more online multiplayer instead of co-op split screen play is a step back for the industry in general, imo.

cereal_killa3545d ago

LightningPS3PS3 do you just copy and paste every comment that has to do with the PS3 needs a pay cut, needs a pay cut, now it's co op, co op ok we get it already.

LastDance3545d ago

im wit you guys...didnt end up playing resistence 2 because no coop in the main story.

Doppy3545d ago

Read my last Resistance post to see what they need to do with R3.

LJWooly3545d ago

If you really let the lack of Co-Op in the SP campaign put you off playing R2, then you are stupid.

The game gives you plenty of better reasons to not play it.

socomnick3545d ago

they need to end this horrible franchise its terrible.

WaitStation 33545d ago

@1.9 aka Socom

Just wait till R3

supahbad3545d ago

i bet you anything hale lives, and he is actually like half cloven and the 3rd game you are super hale killing everything in your way. ok maybe not but i still think he lives cause he is a cloven and that is why he and sheppard are the same because they both know the cloven are coming back to take the earth back

PirateThom3545d ago

Where's Alan Wake and Huxley?

Mozilla893545d ago

A few million people would probably disagree with you. Like maybe the people that bought the games.

Doppy3544d ago

@ socomnick

No n4g needs to end your account

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KillzoneKid3545d ago

R2 is an awesome game

R3 will be even better

i love the 60 player comp matches and 8 player co-op of R2

just too addictive

N4360G3545d ago

I agree.Resistance 2 is the sh*t!!

I am loving the online co-op,and the single player campaign is epic!!

djtek1843545d ago

Nice. knowing Insomniac, they will get this done in no time.

SAiOSiN3545d ago

r3 will be announced q1 2010. you can quote me on that.

TheHater3545d ago

Everyone knows it is coming in 1010 :) Ratchet and Clank is coming this year from them :)

SinnedNogara3545d ago

I think they should make a longer storyline set in 1954--1962 storyline (a 12 hour campaign). I also think that weapons like the Hailstorm, Sapper, Arc Charger, and Splitter could return to replace the Bellock (it kinda sucks).

TheColbertinator3545d ago

I miss the Arc Charger :(

And I agree the bollock sucks

callahan093545d ago

Gotta know how to use it. You can launch a few flame rounds off surrounding an enemy and give them literally nowhere to go without having to run through the flames, catching on fire, and basically guaranteeing a kill. And if you actually hit them with one of the rounds, it's pretty much an instant death. There's a lot of useful applications for the weapon if you know what you're doing with it. It's hilarious watching people who aren't used to fighting against someone with the bellock, as they catch on fire and run away and think they've gotten away scott free, not realizing they're on fire until it's too late. They die and I get my XP and all is well haha.

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