Is Home A Waste of Time?

"The Home Open Beta has now been out for about two months now and PS3 owners have had plenty of time to check it out and see what it is all about. We constantly hear people complaining about the service and saying that Home is a waste of time and money. Well is this true?"

-The Bitbag

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TheHater3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Home isn't a waste of time. I see a lot of people on my friends list that on HOME every day. I for one don't go on HOME, only like once a month. I am waiting for Sony to allow us to stream movie and music from your HDD in HOME so our friends can watch and listen. That when I will be more active on HOME.

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lsujester3549d ago

Your enthusiasm makes you sound like work for Sony. ;)

Raz3549d ago

I was initially interested; and even forked out some $ for snazzy new stuff - but now, I don't even log on. Why?

Because there's nothing to do. I'm bored with it. You can talk about "oh, there's great stuff coming" and "it's still a beta, after all"...but it's been a beta for over 2 years, and I've yet to see anything truly 'great' about it. Keeping it a beta indefinitely is feeling more and more like an excuse.

If this were a developer and an IP we were talking about, after 2 years in testing and development we'd expect something massively spectacular (similar to KZ2). It's initially interesting, sure, but spectacular? Are you kidding me? Even the much-touted Red Bull Air Race is like standing in line for hours at Disneyworld to go on a sub-standard ride for about 30 seconds.

As a social networking tool - I prefer Facebook. I can log on faster, and best of all customization is free. It's not 3D and I can't do the Running Man...but so what?

I know lots of folks think this is the bees knees, and I'm not going to argue with your enjoyment; but I'm utterly puzzled by it.

Blaze9293549d ago

The home as it is right now, IS indeed a waste of time. I only been in Home four times. The last time with a bunch of friends where it got fun etc etc then after that we had no reason to come back becuase it IS a waste of time, nothing to do. What home should be in like the new XMB maybe or something where we just launch into home straightly otherwise I and im sure other people will find no need to boot up Home ever again.

Chubear3549d ago

.. how can it be a waste of time when there are millions of PS3 gamers on there? That's like asking "is 1up, N4G, gamestrailers, Bitbag etc a waste of time?" It's a gaming forum, this is what we do and we interact. How's that a waste of time?

Maddens Raiders3549d ago

I always see people in the Far Cry 2 space. Acting fools in the buses and checking out all the bios and maps...

cryymoar3549d ago

is like saying hanging out and socializing with friends is a waste of time, BECAUSE THATS WHAT HOME DOES AND THATS WHAT ITS FOR! ITS NOT PLAYSTATION LIVE!

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Graphics Whore3549d ago

Good article bad flamebait title.

morganfell3549d ago

So now the enemies of Sony are down to attacking Home.

They couldn't sink the Sony battle cruiser, negative articles bounced off the armor, torpedoes of hope that Killzone 2 would fail actually turned 180 degrees and came back at PS3 haters, attempts to bomb Bluray missed the target, objectives in the PS3 graphics are now completely out of range so the Sony haters are left with this.

Is there seriously no other subject in gaming that warrants more attention... or at least attention that is a little less skewed?

Captain Tuttle3549d ago

I don't think you read the article.

morganfell3549d ago

Well Jason360, or whatever account you are using this week, I don't think you understand that any first year marketing student is taught 90% of the people only read the headlines. I read the article but the damage to 90% of the people had it's effect.

Maddens Raiders3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

((he)) is not Jason360. believe me.

and again -- you didn't read the article.

morganfell3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

No Maddens you didn't read what I wrote. You and whoever he is both are not thinking. It doesn't matter how glowing the article is - yes I read it - the point is most people don't read the articles. Just the headline. The head line says:

"Is Home A Waste of Time?"

That is a negative connotation. A strong one. It isn't a case of, "Is the glass half empty or half full?"

It is, "The glass is half empty"

By virtue of the headline alone it provides a negative impression about Home. It is actually more than an impression. You see 3 headlines like that and most people naturally think, "Home must be pretty screwed up." They never read one paragraph, just three headlines and you have yourself a nice negative vibe. The Bitbag is notorious for this type of crap. So are a lot of sites. If this was a once in a while thing it would be different but this is standard Bitbag practice.

Like I said above, 90% of the people do not read articles, just headlines so now they have managed to send a negative idea about Home to 9 out of 10 people. That makes what the 1 out of 10 people that read the article so far in the minority they are out of sight.

I read the article, lets see other people try to use some common sense and read what I wrote. We just came off an entire Christmas where all we saw was one headline after another talking about the doom of Sony. It really mattered little what the articles said as the write ups spoke to the vast majority with just the headlines.

So regardless of what is in the article, or what they wanted people to think, what most people are getting is "Home is indeed a waste of time." That may not be what they intended (yeah right) but that is the result.

If intentions mattered most in this world then you could get your trash picked up because you intended to take it to the curb, you could get paid because you intended to go to work, all games would be great because the intent was for them to be enthralling masterpieces, and those 9 out of 10 people would get the meat of the article because the writer intended something other than the headline indicates.

sloth4urluv3549d ago

Stop trying to cover yourself.
Like an ignorant fanboy you read the title, ignored the article, then came in with your little rant.

Dont eat the bait.

cliffbo3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

what are you guys on. Morganfell is not trying to skew what he said, he is perfectly right. in advertising, the title/heading is what people remember and many people don't even bother reading into anything else. get off his case, he's clearly thinking about this a hell of a lot more than you lot:

example: the 360 is dead?

'well actually it isn't, but it could well be in the future'

job done!

morganfell3548d ago

Thanks cliffbo. It is refreshing to see that someone gets the point I was making. It isn't so esoteric that it should require a dissertation for certain readers to comprehend. Rather it is a simple straight forward fact and anyone that actually does read Bitbag knows their general pattern. They write a misleading title then attempt to redeem themselves with an article most people do not read. This allows them a disclaimer of sorts. But too late, the damage is done and to most.

Someone isn't reading here. It is you sloth. Otherwise you would no that such attacks are verboten in the Gamerzone. I would guess that is the standard fallback when simple comprehension fails you.

Captain Tuttle3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

There's no way you read the article before your first post. Quit trying so hard.

And you take this stuff WAY too seriously.

morganfell3548d ago

Are you that imperceptive? Seriously, is the concept of what I am explaining so hard to grasp? The only thing I am trying hard to is explain a fairly simple marketing ruse to people that are ill equipped to comprehend it. It is sad as the modus operandi of Bitbag is actually rudimentary at best.

Oh well, I tried. One more candidate for the ignore pile. No sense in attempting to drop several IQ points just to clarify matters for certain posters.

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LightningPS3PS33549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

I'm a PS3 fan and owner, and I thought HOME looked like a good idea, but after it's release, I haven't been in for over a month.

So, I can't defend HOME. I don't know, for me it mostly has to do with the lame ass looking avatars. Sony should of put more work into making less annoying looking avatars, and making them more human like. It looks like a bunch of squared robots walking around especially the males. Other than that, it's basically just like another lame chatroom, except this one has no keyboard, and if you do connect a keyboard, you probably don't have a desk on your couch where you sit and play PS3.

Do you feel HOME mania? Neither do I, infact it's been forgotten, I wouldn't be surprised if Sony just ended up canceling HOME and realized they wasted some time with that. They probably already know.

Graphics Whore3549d ago

You're not the sharpest tool in the shed are you?

LightningPS3PS33549d ago

But you don't need to be, to see that HOME blows.

thebudgetgamer3549d ago

i dont use it much but occasionally i will log in and play echochrome or some chess, check out what video is playing in the theater, if some friends are there talk for a bit. i think its a instant gratification thing people wanted all the features to be there from start. while i agree i can be boring as a kenny g concert i can see the potential for the long term.


NipGrip3549d ago

"Is LightningPS3PS3PS3PS#Sthree the Worst Poster Ever?"

Not saying he is, I'm simply posing the question for you readers to discern!

morganfell3549d ago

If you are an owner then you are obviously a huge fan as anyone can see:

A plethora of positive remarks about the PS3, it's titles, and Sony in general. And if you can wipe away the 50 gallons of sarcasm dripping off these comments then you can see for yourself what an objective view he/she has...not.

Maddens Raiders3549d ago

don't get wrapped up in the Lightning spider web of "ohnoooez" fickle - mania. this is his m.o. bro, been at it for years.

sloth4urluv3549d ago

Id say that the HOME avatars look more like humans than the 360 or wii ones.
Id say the problem is more that they are less customizable then the other ones. Makes sense though if you have a more detailed model its harder to customize. Something that has less detail is much easier and your mind just fill in the blanks.

Thats why the mii avatars usually look the most like the person they represenet, they are so generic.

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Have never tried it . If you can't socialize with people in HOME . I don't think you have friends in real life.

thezuur3549d ago

you got it 100% gosh im glad you were able to make that so simple for me.

Marceles3549d ago

I think it's quite the opposite. It's not that they can't socialize, it's probably that they have enough friends in real life and dont care about meeting anyone else.

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