2009: PS3 and Blu-Ray's Year to Shine

2009 is the year Sony has been waiting for. There is no doubt that the release of Killzone 2 will mark the beginning of Sony's serious entry into this console war. Killzone 2 is Sony's main title and everyone knows this, including the Sony Corporation. It's the only title that's been talked about for 4 years since before the birth of PS3.

It's the only title that has yet to be released. It has become quite clear that this game has become the centerpiece of the Playstation 3. Killzone 2 will start it all. In the meantime, the PS3 will be stocked with more exclusives than gamers can count on both hands. The timing couldn't be more perfect as its' technical capabilities have started to align together within the same year. Strategy? Or luck?

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sak5005611d ago

Deja Vu..Zip back a year and same kind of stories were being published all around. Cheaper BD players will definately hurt ps3s sales since 70% of people are just using it as BD players, proven by lack of software sales on the console.

Genesis55611d ago

Yeah software sales that are so bad that only 4 of the major publishers are making most of their profits off the PS3.

gametheory5611d ago

Some people fail to realize that the fact that PS3 winning in Europe in terms of game sales (especially 3rd party game sales) is HUGE considering the value of the Euro against the dollar. Only Xbox fanboys will always fail to realize that, whether because they chose to or because they just can't by nature.

Xbox 360 may have sold more units and may have a higher attach rate, but strategically speaking, Sony has played their cards right. As you said, PS3 is speaking louder than Xbox 360 for 3rd parties in terms of revenue, and that only means that PS3 owners can expect great things from 3rd parties. Once Sony starts making a profit on PS3 instead of being an uphill battle it'll be downhill.

Sony is probably anticipating profit relatively soon considering their upcoming huge ad campaign. That is, they can now spend a bit more than they were doing last year on game advertising. While the PS3 has an attach rate of 5.5 games per console and 360 of 7.5 games per console, you have to remember that 360 launched earlier, it is cheaper, it had achievements way longer and (here's the dealbreaker) it sells more first party software.

These aren't excuses, just facts; being earlier had the advantage that hardcore gamers had a single console to spend most of their money on, being the only next-gen console back then. My point is, the true attach rate for third parties requires you to subtract 1st party attach rate. There was an article on N4G before pointing out at what attach rates were made off in terms of 1st and 3rd party, and the results were this: Wii = 5.5 games per console, with 3 of them being made by nintendo, and 2.5 of them 3rd party (most of them shovelware).

360 had an attach rate of 7.5 games per console, with two of them being published by Microsoft (it used to be 8.0, but with Microsoft's price drop to $199 it attracted a more casual audience that bought less games). This shouldn't come out as a surprise, considering how Halo 3, Gears 1 and 2 have sold. To put it bluntly, Microsoft knows their audience and targets them with specifically what they want from their own studios.

However, Sony has a much wider market. Sony doesn't simply appeal to its fanboys, and it doesn't simply appeal to action game lovers or whatever target demographic you can think off. Most bought the Ps1 or the PS2 for very different reasons, and the same can be said about PS3. While it may sound bad that Sony only has one of their published games per console (out of 5.5 games per console), that's how Sony has always played it out. They don't look for a single target demographic, but rather, they encompass the whole gamut of target demographics and that's why 3rd parties can compete and sell whatever the hell they want on PS3 and that's why Sony attracts many types of tastes and gamers, including hardcore and casual.

So you have 5.5 3rd party games per 360, 4.5 3rd party games per PS3 and 2.5 3rd party games per Wii (on average). But developers have reported more revenue for quite some time already because PS3 has been catching up. The additional advantage the 360 has in terms of 3rd party is probable because of the reasons I cited (time on market, cheaper, achievements), but it's likely that ever since the PS3 launched they could be on par in worldwide terms. While the 360 has the advantage on units, the PS3 has the advantage on revenue because in the end it sells more software in europe, a higher percentage of that is 3rd party on PS3, and well, the Euro is a lot more expensive.

Grasp that, fanboys.

KillzoneKid5611d ago

on fen 27th just pray to GOD that x360 is not fully KILLZOWNED

2009 and beyond are just years of PS3 and Blu Ray

twoface5611d ago (Edited 5611d ago )

ps3 is an entertainment system, with one of its core function being a bluray player.

A trojan horse for bluray adoption, it has already fulfilled that quite successfully. It was never meant to be sold as a bluray player. And that is why it doesn't matter if there are now cheaper bluray players than ps3. It has already served its bluray adoption purpose.

It baffles me why ppl like you wish to believe that ps3 is meant to be sold as a bluray player.


I don't understand why Blu-Ray is not seen as a storage format. The PS1 used Cds and it happened to play music. The PS2 used DVDs which happened to play movies. These were BONUS FEATURES to an already used gaming format. I don't see how Blu-Ray is any different. And don't say uneeded storage space because DVD started out the same way: Perceived as not needed.

Sevir045611d ago

2009 Is really poised for greatness in gaming particularly with Sony. the PSP is getting tons of games and the S3 PSN is getting exclusives left and right in all regions and some killer 3rd party support. i can bet some really big summer block buster movies will help make blu ray stick around and a new price point for Sony's flagship console will serve as a catalyst for good sales and stronger market adoption. and lets all get to the games. Something they are giving on a silver platter starting with KZ2.. drools this year is a year of gaming heaven.


I can't wait until 3D Blu-Ray games and movies start coming in. I'm waiting for HD-audio receivers to lower in price.


Preference based on emotion doesn't get along with preference based on reasoning.

cryymoar5610d ago (Edited 5610d ago )

and the xbots will be sitting in the corner with his xbox 360, cutting himself, dripping blood as red as his rings of death, because he cannot play PS3's superior games OR Blu-ray movies, while writing poetry about last year's sales.


Slinger4205610d ago

AHAHAA, I can't freakin wait for Killzone 2, that game is going to be the best game ever to grace a console and it's going to be sooo huge that it's going to boost hardware sales through the roof. Goodluck finding a PS3 after Killzone 2 releases.


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