Pumped Gaming: Left 4 Dead Review

Cameron Writes:

"Left 4 Dead is the definitive cooperative play game on the market right now, and possibly for a long time to come. When I first played this game, I was genuinely scared and was laughing with excitement every time I got pounced by a hunter or my team successfully fended off a horde. I think during those first days, the fear was universal and everyone was creeping through the game with the hair standing up on their neck. It was a great feeling. Now that the game has been out for a few weeks, I'm afraid that feeling is pretty much gone and I don't get scared anymore. Left 4 Dead is still a phenomenal game, however, and I've still yet to beat all the campaigns on expert. There's a fun achievement system and Valve's developer commentary is always a welcome addition-I hope they continue adding it to their games. Occasionally a head shot will fail to cause any damage whatsoever, and I've heard this is a source engine problem. Some exploits that allow skipping certain areas or the now popular 'everyone get in the bathroom' habit make the game a lot easier than I think was originally intended, but perhaps these issues will be addressed as Valve prepares to issue more content for the game. I'll have news on any updates in that department so be sure to check back in!"

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