Halo most Definably Revolutionized the FPS Genre

If it wasn't for Halo, First Person Shooters wouldn't be as big a hit, everyone knows this. At the time of its release, there was nothing else like it on the market. This without doubt helped it on its success. Most every gamer from last generation played Halo and played it for consecutive hours straight, since there was less fanboys last generation...

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Huh3574d ago

call of duty 4 revolutionized the fps genre

003574d ago

COD4 revolutionized exactly?.

sonarus3574d ago

COD4 is the definitive shooter for this generation. Halo didn't do anything revolutionary it just successfully brought FPS games to consoles. Golden eye did it and it was great but with two analog sticks Halo made it a little better.

Halo didn't revolutionize the genre thats what you get from die hard fans. But what Halo did was carry it on to consoles and give it a bit of a casual appeal with its cartoony nature

Cajun Chicken3574d ago

I can't remember driving vehicles in a FPS before Halo, essentially making the second level a sandbox.

sonarus3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Really? I Seem to remember driving a tank in golden eye? Hmmm i must be mistaken

And Halo is not a sandbox shooter. Far cry, crysis those are sand box shooters. Just because there is more than one way to enter a building now all of a sudden its a sandbox. Halo has some degree of openness since you can engage enemies from any point but that is very very far from sandbox

Halo just took all the great things on PC and put them on a console and everyone is like OMG Bungie revolutionized FPS like FPS didn't exist before the original XBox

Danja3574d ago

Halo didn't revolutionize the FPS genre as Sonarus said , it was probably the 1st FPS game to really work well on consoles...minus Golden Eye..

but it's the 1st FPS to have ever had online MP some way it did revolutionize the FPS but only on consoles..

Deviant3574d ago

"I can't remember driving vehicles in a FPS before Halo, essentially making the second level a sandbox. "

....are you kidding me?

sonarus3574d ago

Halo was the first shooter for a lot of people. Like i said it has more casual appeal than most shooters during its time. The cartoony nature also made it accessible to kids so lots of kids grew up on Halo. So i am not really surprised to hear someone say Halo did this or that first since they didn't play shooters before Halo

gambare3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

The Battlefield lineup games really did some revolutionary advances in FPS gaming, from the multiplayer archetypes to vehicle uses in game, Halo made some important steps in the FPS genre in the consoles, the FPS was dominant on PC but I have to admit that Halo was the pioneer of the FPS consoles. Maybe it didn't contribute to anything new to the genre but it did to the consoles, but to the genre I consider the Battlefield line as the most important contributor and yes, Goldeneye was the peak on multiplayer experience, but Halo bring the online multiplayer experience, because another great multiplayer FPS was perfect dark.

Marceles3574d ago

"but it's the 1st FPS to have ever had online MP also"

Quake 3 Arena on Dreamcast had online MP. I remember it took forever for Halo to have online MP and Gamespy brought online MP to Halo before it was official on Live.

thewhoopimen3574d ago

On consoles ... No game popularized the FPS like GoldenEye did. I hated Goldeneye, but it definitely was the predecessor and the leader of console FPS. Halo was supposed legitimize FPS on the Mac... until MS conveniently bought Bungie out.

Graphics Whore3574d ago

Halo might be the first game for many casual gamers, but people have been playing more intuitive and more skill based FPS games since the 1980's.

Halo got casuals to play FPS games, because of it's easy asscessable mechanics and inviting but yet very slack graphics.

Did it help a console survive? Very much. Is it the best FPS ever? No it's not.

Cajun Chicken3574d ago

Well, I personally never played a FPS with vehicles put into third person when driving in a large world before Halo:CE and the year 2001, you could choose what crash site you wanted to go and protect the Humans (hence sandbox, alright, a small sandbox, but that second level on 'Halo' wasn't linear) also theres the flying of the Banshee on 'Assault on the control room' and it had an epic finale with the Jeep.

I agree and think that the appearance of Halo was very important for all the game industry because of the above I just wrote, and the fact it popularized melee hits in console FPS. Just because it was on the XBOX and MS published it, it didn't mean that Bungie didn't do some good and push on the future of the FPS. Besides, it was said to be on the Mac and Rockstar were apparently considering publishing it for PS2 and XBOX.
I mean, could you imagine UT2K4 without vehicles? Alright, that would just essentially be UT2K3

At lot of the first game was about driving, exploring and shooting, its just that the later ones focused more on the latter shooting than the exploring and driving and when everyone thinks 'Halo', they think of the multiplayer and not the actual first game Halo:CE, before the dumbing down of the series.

But those who disregard the some of the things Bungie inserted into the typical FPS mould, well, just think what FPS may be like without Halo, I think that the original Halo is as equally as important as Wolfenstien 3D, Doom, Quake, Halflife, the Unreal PC series. Because a lot came out of those (even if small) design desicions that made Halo.

I'm sure a lot of developers would cite Halo:CE as an inspiration, just because of the new stuff it actually bought to the FPS table.

GWAVE3574d ago

Halo certainly caused a revolution ON CONSOLES. If Halo had been an FPS for the PC, it would have been a relatively mediocre title compared to other games such as Tribes 2, Unreal Tournament, Deus Ex, and so forth. Halo's influence was not in gameplay nor storyline, but rather in controls and later in online play (with Halo 2 spearheading that endeavor).

Halo deserves SOME credit, but to say that Halo revolutionized FPSs would be a slap in the face of every self-respecting PC gamer who knows the truth.

Marceles3574d ago

Not to compare FF7 to Halo because they're both great in their own right...preferably FF7 to me is one of the greatest games of all-time period, but in terms of bring people to a genre how FF7 brought people who didnt play RPGs to the genre, I think Halo deserves alot of credit for having the same effect for FPSs. That I'll definitely give it credit for.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

let’s say for example a map holding 60 players. Grand Theft Auto you can play in an opened world while in Resistance 2 you can play on a big map, big difference.

Not to burst your bubble but almost all first person shooters are linear with exceptions to games like Far Cry 2. Because you can choose where to go it doesn't make it linear it's the freedom to explore anywhere at any time. Most first person shooters limit the player from doing certain things, that's linear. So once you reach a check point in a first person shooter something usually blocks the player from exploring previous environments. You couldn't explore space, you couldn't explore earth, you couldn't explore buildings, you couldn't explore anything besides the areas you needed to go to, linear.

The only thing that made Halo really popular was the online portion of the game. This is due to Microsoft for bringing for the first time to TV consoles an easy way to connect to the world. This is what made the sequel sell millions and in my opinion is the best one out of the three. With next generation technology Halo 3 looks last generation now compared to Killzone 2, Far Cry 2, Crysis, or even Call of Duty. Since now online is equal on all platforms everything else was pretty much generic besides the universe created.

Sitdown3574d ago

"Halo didn't do anything revolutionary it just successfully brought FPS games to consoles"

Ummmm, seems like a contradiction to me. If it successfully brought FPS games to consoles...did it not revolutionize by changing people's perception of what fps games can be like on consoles?

Cajun Chicken3574d ago

Has anyone here actually experienced the exploring aspect of the second level of Halo:CE when you crash landed on Halo:CE I'm talking about? You can't disrgard it, it was a great way for the game to feel immersive. Same as 'Assault on the control room' that level felt so expansive in scale.
It also FELT like you were travelling along Halo in the many chapters, much like Quake 2 did when you retreaded areas in later sections despite being seperate levels and the weather would seem to change to TRICK you subcontiously that Halo had its own eco system.

Its a shame that the Halo series is mainly noted because of its multiplayer, because I think that Halo: CE was a very clever game in the way it did things.

But at least you get half what I mean.

caladbolg7773574d ago

Halo didn't revolutionize the FPS genre. It may have had a heavy-hand in bringing FPS's and its culture to the mainstream, but the last big revolution is FPS gaming came with Half-Life, the Source Engine, and eventually COUNTER-STRIKE.

Cajun Chicken3574d ago

Counter-Strike existed before the Source engine.

thenickel3574d ago

System link is what made Halo stand out more than any other game before it. Sure pc shooter have always been serious but halo controls really made more sense and took away the feeling of being a floating cursor. I've played all the shooters from Nintendo to RFOM2 to even cod4 and will tell you that none of those games have that Halo magic. This topic has been around for a awhile and as always the few that didn't like it will go online and voice there opinion. We all ready know the Halo gameplay mechanics are untouchable but still where here with this crap again.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Scale doesn't mean opened world, opened world means you can explore anything at anytime. For example Resistance 2 has scale but it isn't an opened world game. Far Cry 2 is an opened world game not because you can choose it's the fact that you can explore. Fable 2 is another opened world game not because you can choose a path you can take but that you can go anyway at anytime. Gears of War is a linear game and there will be some aspects of the game where you can choose different paths but that doesn’t make it an opened world. You aren't able to explore different worlds at any times you're fixed to do certain things.

Another thing is if a game makes you feel immersed it doesn't mean it's on opened world game. For example Killzone 2 is said to do the same thing but it's a linear game. It isn't about what you feel, or can choose, it's about what is opened to the player. I've played all three games and all three are linear just like every other shooter besides games like Far Cry 2. When people talk about Halo 2's storyline they'll tell you they were pissed of the ending but was blown away by the multiplayer. Everytime you hear something about XBOX 360 it isn't about quality of games, quality of storylines, it's about quality of the online.

littletad3573d ago

The game was released more than a year ago, and were still talking about it. The same thing happened with Halo, Halo 2 and we might see the same thing with ODST.

I think Halo revolutionized fps genre's but only for consoles. Turrets didn't appear till Halo 2 and that was laughed by pc owners. Halo 3 went above and beyond what you might get in your standard fps purchase these days. Anybody who has messed with forge knows this, but again this is nothing new to pc owners. Replay was a nice touch though. So yeah, it only did wonders for the consoles.

WaitStation 33573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )


1. First innovation: button for grenades (before you had to select grenades as a weapon)
2. Second innovation: button for a melee attack
3. Last but key innovation: Your health recharges over time

Every (almost) FPS since then has a grenade & melee button.

Call of Duty:

1. First innovation: Aim Down Sight (ADS)
2. Second innovation: First game with prone stance
3. Last innovation: Bullet penetration

And this is just "core" gameplay.

There are other games that innovated like Golden Eye, Perfect Dark(N64), etc. that I won't get into.

Ignorance is bliss

N4360G3573d ago

LOL Call Of Duty 4 showed Halo 3 who's boss.Halo didn't revolutionize sh*t!!

WaitStation 33573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )


Call of Duty 4 has killcam and Halo 3 has what...

that's right, you can watch the whole game, edit it, change angles and from 1st person view to 3rd, and take screenshots all in the same game.

Halo 3 campaign is also 4-player co-op. huh? LOL

COD4 has sold 10million across all platforms while Halo 3 has sold almost 9million only on Xbox360. Yowzer! LOL

kwyjibo3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

No, Halo was a revolution. Not just on consoles.

It was the most influential FPS since Half-Life, and no, had it come out on PC at the same time - it wouldn't just have been mediocre. Even when the PC port did come out, almost two years later, it still got applauded.

It popularised open environments - it may not have been sandbox, but compared to the cold steel corridors of previous games, and combined with the terrific AI - it was a delight. It achieved a clever balance with the limited gun inventory, an had an assortment of different yet effective weapons. The recharging health mechanism has been used in countless titles since. The multiplayer was fantastic, and the series would bring online to consoles.

The most revolutionary thing it did though, was to provide Xbox with a smash hit title straight out of the box. Cementing it as a viable contender in the hardware market. Without Halo, you wouldn't have had a 360.


Sure, all this is gushing, but its warranted. A lot of people seem to have forgotten what a breath of fresh air the original Halo was, belittling its achievements when they've obviously forgotten what the FPS market was like at the time of its launch.

This was a time before Battlefield, before Call of Duty, even Allied Assault. Sonarus claims it just took things from the PC and ported them to console, no it didn't, they weren't on PC.

The pinnacle of FPS's up to that point on PC was Half-Life. Games that came out after Half-Life, before the launch of Halo, included Blood 2, Requiem: Avenging Angel, Kingpin: Life of Crime, Aliens vs Predator 2. Sure - they were good games, but how many of those do you remember? How many are cited today? (Sure, there were in my eyes, epic games such as System Shock 2, but like it's spiritual successor Deus Ex - these took the genre into a different less well trodden direction, and do not have the influence or impact of Halo)

I'm a hardcore FPS PC gamer, I've been around since Doom, was online with Quake 1. It pissed me off greatly that Microsoft bought out Bungie and turned what would have been a Windows/Mac title into an Xbox exclusive title.

I never bought the Xbox, I don't have a 360, but I appreciate what Halo has brought to the genre. You praise COD4 as the definitive shooter of this generation, Halo was the definitive shooter for the last. It was a revelation and revolutionary, that it bought so many new gamers into the world of FPS underlines that.

Vecta3573d ago

Dunno why but a lot of people forget about the large amount of NPCs that fought with you throughout the original Halo, something that had not be done much in the past and so successfully.

This, among other things like Health Regeneration and global melee is why people say Halo innovated the genre... because it did.

Camper3573d ago

I believe Goldeneye for N64 was the first

Legion3573d ago

"will Microsoft announce a new Halo i.e. Halo 4, or squeeze the lemons of what they have now."

Once again a back handed slap at Microsoft... he says in one breath that Halo revolutionized the FPS and the next he calls it a lemon.

Halo revolutionized the console FPS control scheme. This is what made it what it is today. For everyone that complained that FPS on a console was not playable, well Halo came along and proved them wrong. And in the process brought along a well thought out multiplayer environement that other games emulate to this day.

gametheory3573d ago

"This, among other things like Health Regeneration and global melee is why people say Halo innovated the genre... because it did. "

Uh, halo wasn't the first one to do this. How old are you? Halo simply made it popular, that's why YOU think Halo made it first. As somebody said above, Halo did for FPS on consoles what FF7 did for JRPGs in the West.

poopface13573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

Halo's influnces can still be seen in alot of games, even non FPS games. It helped make the limited weapons standard in most games, even the ones that weren't going for realism. But the biggest thing that ive noticed in games that halo made standard was regenerating health. The only difference is that in halo it made sense because it was your shield recharging. It doesnt make sense anymore because every video game protagonist has wolverine powers.

People dont want to admit it but halo did alot for FPS on consoles. Fps are my favorite games ever. I really like a good single player fps. The campaign in halo 1 is a really unique and I rank it up there with some of my favorites. Not my favorite fps, because those are on pc(HL,Deus ex, and DF2:JK are the greatest FPS ever). It had an epic feel to it which the campaign in H2/3 is missing. For example, sometimes you could actually use stealth and assassinate a whole room of aliens, elites and all. In halo 2/3 that crap is just missing.

Vecta3573d ago

"Uh, halo wasn't the first one to do this. How old are you? Halo simply made it popular, that's why YOU think Halo made it first. As somebody said above, Halo did for FPS on consoles what FF7 did for JRPGs in the West."

Really, what console action FPS before Halo introduced regenerating health or the ability to only carry 2 weapons, or a single button for grenades/melee or advanced friendly AI, among other things?

Nicolator3573d ago

I stand on the face halo made the biggest impact to FPS on console, since halo fps has just gone globally nuts especially with MP.. its the fps tht i played one year after its release. halo sure made a big impact.

pain777pas3573d ago

Doom started it and Half life expanded it. Enough with the Halo BS seriously. Yes I know wolfenstein was first but doom is the game that started the influx of me too in the industry.

godofthunder103573d ago

I just can't belive all the ps3 fanboy crap.Halo didn't do anything for shooters it was Call of duty 4 or golden eye.The fact is that it was HALO that did more for shooters then any other game.They never had a fps that came out before halo that let you drive and play online like halo did.The people that claims that halo didn't do anything for shooters are just ps3 fanboys.If it was on the ps3 the same people will be saying it did and that's a fact.

sonarus said and i QUOTE

(Halo was the first shooter for a lot of people. Like i said it has more casual appeal than most shooters during its time. The cartoony nature also made it accessible to kids so lots of kids grew up on Halo. So i am not really surprised to hear someone say Halo did this or that first since they didn't play shooters before Halo)

The fact is that your statement is just bias,ridiculious,childish and pathetic.I never thought that a game that have killing in it,aliens trying to take over the world,people trying to stop them,and rated muture as like you say cartoony .I bet you don't think that MGS4 is cartoony because it's on the ps3 and the stories are just about the same.

I bet you even claim that the Final Fantasy,Metal gear solid,Ninja Gaiden,and other games on the ps3 was only exclusive to sony but microsoft is stealing them away because unlike sony microsoft can't come up with their own ideals.I agree with ps3 fanboys when they say that microsoft try to get exclusives away from sony because that's their competion and that's how buisiness works.The problem i have is when ps3 fanboys claim that sony never did or does anything like that.Ps3 fanboys claim that sony is the innovater of games and equipment and every one coppies them and they don't coppy anyone.The fact is that Final Fantasy,Metal gear solid,Ninja gaiden and other exclusive games that ps3 fanboys are mad about and crying because microsoft is stealing or trying to steal them away from sony was games that sony stole from nintendo when they first came out.The fact is that sonys biggest games was nintendo exclusives first but sony stole them away because at the time nintendo was the top dog and sony was just starting out and doing their job.Ps3 fanboys could cry about this and that but the fact is that the same thing that microsoft is doing to sony,sony did to nintendo years ago and it's a fact.Just look back at the history of the games and you could see who had them first.The same thing will happen to microsoft to,that is just how it works.Fanboys should also stop crying about they coppied the game off my system and it's not fair.The fact is that every game coppies something off 1 game or the other,sometimes it's the same and sometimes it's a little different.

InMyOpinion3573d ago

Always funny to see PS3 fanboys trying to deny Halo's greatness. Hell, even I can see why Killzone 2 is a great game, why can't you just take off the 4D goggles for one sec?

Mini Mario3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

"FF7 to me is one of the greatest games of all-time period"

Questionable. Its probably better than most recent final fantasy games for sure. Better than the super nes square enix games, hmmmm doubt it. Final fantasy 7 was big because of the cgi cut scenes at the time,.. but gameplay wise i think i prefer chrono trigger. I mean u can get like 10 different endings with that game depending on what u do.

YonasJonas3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

I don't see how it revolutionized the genre, but it certainly helped raise the bar for the amount of content for a console game. Personally I don't care for Halo because of its bland generic art style, and worst of all implementation of a retarded matchmaking system.

Mini Mario3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

"Halo didn't revolutionize FPS games, it just made the world realize that FPS games could work on consoles and revolutionize that"

I did like the way u could constantly get different two gun combos (one for each hand), and how u could re generate your energy instead of looking for "health packs", oo oh and i loved being able to tackle ghosts head on and steal it from the enemy. That was pretty cool. And i thought the reply camera thing in halo 3 was a good extra.


Marceles3573d ago

"Questionable. Its probably better than most recent final fantasy games for sure. Better than the super nes square enix games, hmmmm doubt it. Final fantasy 7 was big because of the cgi cut scenes at the time,.. but gameplay wise i think i prefer chrono trigger. I mean u can get like 10 different endings with that game depending on what u do."

I'll give Chrono Trigger props too since it did have 10 endings, the Combo Tech moves were awesome, great story and some of the best music in RPGs, and it introduced New Game +. It might be the best RPG in the 16-bit era other than FF6, Secret of Mana, or Super Mario RPG. I give FF7 so much props because it didn't only introduce CGI, it pretty much bridged the gap between the best RPGs of the 16-bit era to the newer gens. It was a 3 disc epic and so much work and production value went into it.

SaiyanFury3573d ago

I can't say I have a lot of experience with HALO, I've only tried the PC version of HALO 2 which blew big time. My best experience with an FPS was Doom Custom PSX Edition on the original PlayStation. You can play both Dooms 1 and 2 and the first Doom was the Ultimate. It was the first to include actual digital audio music and sound effects and the disc was comprised of over 60 levels. Final Doom added to the game with it's levels and continuation of Doom PSX's additions. I think it was Doom that defined the more modern experience and not HALO. I won't say that HALO is bad and didn't contribute but considering that many people here say that it was overrated, I can't say I'm sorry I didn't play it. Resistance on the PS3 was great, and it had vehicles you could drive. But the best FPS I've played? That remains with Doom on the original PS. A consistent 30FPS was the name of the game back in the day and it was my second PS game. Doom PSX scored 5 out of 5 with Gamepro back in the day because it was a genre defining game. HALO for me is not a defining game. Did HALO add to the genre, no argument. But by no means does that make it the best.

JsonHenry3573d ago

I am still not sure what exactly Halo did that was so great. Even at the time of release it was completely outdated graphically by PC FPS games, and it did not have a single game mode or idea that had not been done before (many times!!) by FPS PC games.

prowiew3573d ago

Halo did revolutionized the fps genre for a lot of people. Including me. At least the multiplayer part on consoles. The matchmaking and the level classes were key to their succes.

kwyjibo3573d ago

Bullshit, name some PC equivalents.

From your comments, I see you're also a hardcore PC FPS gamer, like myself. However, your comment on how it didn't offer anything new is just false. So is the one regarding it being graphically out of date.

The open environments, which game had that? Tribes? That was online only, and looks worse than Halo. Delta Force? That was just ass and used voxels and had rubbish AI.

The limited weaponry - sure you could conceivably state that it was an offshoot of Deus Ex style inventory management, but that's arguable.

The regenerating health, which is the de facto standard on shooters now, which game had that before?

Oner3573d ago

CS Revolutionized FPS. PERIOD.

Vlaitor3573d ago

I think it depends of your style:
If you never were a PC player then Yes, Halo revolutionized the fps gendra on consoles.

On consoles only.

If your like me and done some CAL/CEVO/TWL or even... OGL league then halo is nothing compared to the pc shooters.

The name that revolutionized or at least made a big step into the fps style are:

Quake 3 (still very competitive today)
Half Life 1 & 2
CS orginial and source
Unreal Tournament
Call of duty 2 and 4

GIJeff3573d ago

Unreal Tournament, BF1942, Golden Eye, and Counter Strike. Every other game borrows and expands on these 3. Which is not a bad thing. Halo has done almost nothing except make itself more successful due to retarded scale marketing. And COD4? Really? Common....

JsonHenry3573d ago

Dude, come on. Don't call yourself a PC gaming enthusiast and say that you honestly thought that Halo some how did anything new. Open ended enviroments? How about BF1942 or BF Vietnam? Graphically out of date? Of course it was compared to PC games at the time. Everything on consoles at the time had been outdated by PC games by the time Halo made it to the market.

Now, as far as consoles go - yes. There was a whole new generation of kids that learned how much fun it was to play online and Halo was the first game they played. But seriously.. in the overall picture it gave us nothing. At least nothing new.

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Sasanova3574d ago

revolutionized, maybe...but revolutionized because its a great game? definitely no. revolutionized because there were no alternatives? yes.

Kazu0 Hirai3573d ago

As President of Sony Computer Entertainment, I wish my console, the Playstation 3, had a game even remotely as good as Halo. A game that I could claim revolutionized an entire genre. A game that is exclusive to my last place console, the Playstation 3. Instead, the game that is creating the most hype for my system right now is unfortunately, another generic shooter which doesn't even have a proper color palette. This black and white game has cost my company 60 million dollars and it still isn't even as good as Halo which is a 9 year old game! I fear I may be out of a job soon! I wonder if Microsoft is hiring?


Kaz Hirai

Graphics Whore3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Sure it did, then came along CoD4 and killed it, and then shot it in the head just incase and buried it in its backyard then entombed the grave with cement.

Huh3574d ago

i agree halo was killed by call of duty 4 the best console fps ever made until february 27 2009

BabyStomper50003574d ago

Eh I like the MP on Resistance 2 more than COD, but ya Killzone 2 is going to be Über-sexy fo'sho.

littletad3573d ago

Even the developers flattered their competitors from both sides.

It's only fanboys who declare one game "killed" the other.

SinnedNogara3573d ago

Halo didn't revolutionize FPS games, it just made the world realize that FPS games could work on consoles and revolutionize that. The game didn't bring anything revolutionary to the table, and was very generic.


agareen3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

halo revolutionized online gaming on da original xbox. and its still a damm good game on 360. if u eva go oline on halo 3 u'll see around 300 000 ppl playin on an average day. in COD4 u'll be lucky to get 7000 in team death match.

BTW i love COD4 >> add me gamertag: agareen

blackpanther253573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

I still believe the matchmaking in halo is the best. In these COD games its like lvl 1-8 is training. Then they slap with prestige 5 lvl 30 enemy (or some crazy number like that) on vs. I like how halo made you fight people your level and as you got better you kept on facing people your lvl until lvl 50 (i thnk). I just hope killzone 2 has that as well

YonasJonas3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

I despise the party system. I don't know why anyone wants to play the same levels over, and over because thats all people vote for. Not to mention not being able to pick the exact type of match you want or having the option for rematches.

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thebudgetgamer3574d ago

if there's no doom there's no halo.


Parapraxis3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

And Half Life
And Wolfenstein
And Counterstrike
And Quake
And Unreal Tournament
and on and on.

EDIT: lol, in no particular order. =P

bassturd3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Thought Wolfenstein came before Doom actually.

Quake was my first FPS love tho cuz it had fun competitive online.

Only thing I can give credit to Halo is the health system where you can take damage then go to cover to recover. Like that a lot more than searching for health packs.

Deviant3574d ago

bubbles for mentioning wolfenstein ...
enemy territory = best (free) online shooter

thebudgetgamer3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

and doom set everything up for mods people love so much witch is why halo has forge mode because of doom. but yea halo changed the perception of an fps on a console and thats possible due to what goldenyeye did before it


Parapraxis3574d ago

>halo changed the perception of an fps on a console.
I agree, It certainly helped.
Halo is a household name when it comes to the FPS genre, much like Goldeneye and Half-Life. That's a huge achievement in itself.

Deviant3574d ago

"it popularized a lot of the popular current trends. Like melee, vehicles, recharging health. "
tell me u yre talking about console shooters only :(