Mount & Blade gets multiplayer expansion

Paradox Interactive has announced in a press conference in Stockholm to the European press that they will be releasing a multiplayer expansion for Mount & Blade. Some of the new features are improved AI, multiplayer support up to 32 players, extended diplomacy, HDR lightning and much more.

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GWAVE3546d ago

Ah, fantastic. I first played this game when it was version 0.6 something, and I always load it up every once in a while to take down some Vaegir scum! Any self-respecting gamer should at least TRY this game.

ThanatosDMC3546d ago (Edited 3546d ago )

No, Kherjit or whatever you spell that... They're mostly cavalry!

Anyway, how is this gonna work? I hope it's not Steam only... i dont wanna re-buy the game since i bought it way back in the Beta stages.

Snoozer2823546d ago

Great news, I'm going to have to get me copy out and installed again :)

ChampIDC3546d ago

I'm rooting for online co-op more than anything, but any additions are more than welcome.

madmonkey03545d ago

been waiting for this!!!

Bolts3545d ago

How would multiplayer work? The game isn't balanced for that. Regardless its about time MB get an expansion, or even better some retail quality content.