2009: The Year PS3 Gets Respect?

It's the year 2006. Sony flaps their mouth off about the 4D Playstation 3. They arrogantly slap a 600.00 price tag and tell gamers to get a second job. After that they tell the world that people will buy it even if it didn't have games. The world lost respect for Sony that day, in the year 2006. They've been fighting to regain it ever since.

It didn't take long for Sony to realize that there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. In less than 6 months they got their act together and started to take action. Their prime focus was to repel and dispel the many fanboy and media bashings that soon followed.

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Huh5611d ago

killzone 2 will give respect to the videogame industry people in hollywood will look at it and say wow this is what videogames are wow i want a playstation 3

WhoaMan5611d ago

and when they see the price tag: 399$

y0haN5611d ago


Chad Warden WILL pay you $399 to shut the fυck up!

Sarcasm5611d ago


That's what a broke 12 year old would say...

I'm looking at you Whoaman.

killzone2flop5611d ago

Not my Respect and Billions others like me.

rucky5611d ago (Edited 5611d ago )

You mean Americans like you?

gambare5611d ago

oh please.. I have american friends who are great people, he is not american, he's from planet a$$hole.

BLUR1115611d ago

yeah rucky only americans own a Xbox 360...

Magic_The_Celt5611d ago

Wow pp, you do realise their isnt even close to 1 billion people who own a console...

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Raoh5611d ago (Edited 5611d ago )

that's all it really needs. especially from some of those biased sites.

the 360 and the ps3 can and are co existing this generation..

everyone is looking for the death of a console but there will be none.. at least not this generation...

there are some unhappy 360 and ps3 owners that are a bit envious of the other console

but ultimately i think all gamers are happy with their purchases....

if a game is going to decide a victor though.. it wont be halo, killzone etc.. those are just upgrades to previous games..

gta3 was a new direction for the previous gta titles.. that was industry changing...

we have really yet to see that so far..

halo fans are happy but they just got a newer halo

killzone fans will be happy but its really an upgrade to killzone and cod4

uncharted is great but its just a replacement for tomb raider

so far the rpg's are niche market

rpgs like oblivion and fallout 3 are just rpg like and are really just hack and slash/shooters

ffxiii will be multi plat at least in the u.s.

i think the real defining game changers will be: (just an opinion)

heavy rain
alan wake
champions online
dc universe
the agency

maybe not in sales but i think those games will change how gamers view their and each others consoles


to add to the games i mentioned that would help change the view of each consoles, some of the mmorpgs would be just decent if not just accepted in the pc world

the mmorpgs while not new to consoles, is a leap forward as far as backing and expectation for a console market....


which is why i feel microsoft dropped the ball not bringing their flight simulation games to the 360

GIJeff5611d ago







But honestly, LBP, Warhawk, Eye of Judgment, and UT3 have already done things that are very new and industry changing and I'm sure there's more I haven't thought of.
LBP = user created game with a HUGE online community and an endless number of levels to play/share etc.
Warhawk = proved that online download-able games can be just as good and better than full disk games.
UT3 = supporting the same mods as the PC is a huge step for video games.
Eye of Judgement = PS Eye use making interaction between the real world and the video game world a more real possibility.

Dark General5611d ago (Edited 5611d ago )

I wouldn't call Uncharted a replacement for Tomb Raider. It has a better story, better character depth and better action. Because it's a action adventure game that isn't leaning more towards hack and slash or 3rd person shooter doesn't mean it's a "replacement". Tomb Raider games have always been mediocre to me. While Uncharted is my favorite game of this gen.

I honestly think if Uncharted wasn't on the Ps3 back in 2007 and was on the 360 it would have gotten more recognition. And that's saying alot coming from me.

Unicron5611d ago

Dark General...

Sad eh that the console a game appears on factors heavily into its recognition and admiration more often than not, eh?

Dark General5611d ago

It is sad that, that's how Uncharted got treated. I read alot of reviews for it. And while most of them said it was a good game they made it seem like it wasn't really that good. Like they were "throwing them a bone" sort to speak. In fact i wasn't going to buy Uncharted in 2007. I was going to go for Kane and Lynch. And at the last second i changed my mind and went with Uncharted.

I can honestly say i was SHOCKED by how good the game was. From start to finish. The characters, the story, the gameplay. Playing Uncharted for the first time felt like playing an actual movie. It still stands to this day as my favorite game from this gen. More than MGS4, LBP etc. I mean i'm not one of those "this site is teh biased against sony" types. But how Uncharted kind of got scuttled away in the "forgotten gem" category is astounding to me. And i actually don't like the art direction/graphics the game had. But everything else about the game was great.

Raoh5611d ago

the spacing of the lines is a habit i picked up from one of the forums (non gaming forums) i have frequented...

too many sentences close together and people wont read it...

lets face it, 85% of the people on n4g dont read articles they read the title and then post a 25 sentence paragraph that would sent Colin Powell into convulsions (he aint reading all that sh!t) LOL

LBP is game changing but its 1. a revisit of old school games.. and it hasnt reached penetration status.. its no killzone 2 and killzone 2 isnt even out yet..

and i looooooooooooooooove littlebigplanet..

but sadly even great outstanding games from sony, people want more and will dismiss it

example.... heavenly sword.. one of the greatest games of this console generation.. but no one wants to admit it, give it a try or shout about it

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chidori6665611d ago